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Quasar Quest is the two-part season premiere of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, establishing the primary Galaxy Rangers, Terra Venture, Villains and the planet of Mirinoi which contains the legendary swords, the Quasar Sabers.


On Earth, a massive space colony, Terra Venture takes off into the universe in search of a new world. Four teens, Mike, Kai, Kendrix and Leo all go on the voyage. They meet Maya, a young girl from a distant planet that has just been invaded. All the teens, but Kai follow Maya through a dimensional portal to her planet to help stop the attack. With the help of Damon, a young mechanic, Kai revives the dormant Astro and the two travel to join the others on Mirinoi, Maya's planet.

The six teens must fight the evil Furio and his soldiers, the Stingwingers, who are trying to pull ancient Quasar Sabers from a stone and take possession of them. The teens become the new Power Rangers and are able to fight the creatures and take the Quasar Sabers before Furio can steal them. 


Part 1

On a distant planet called Mirinoi, an old man recounts the legend of the Quasar Sabers. Three thousand years before, they were placed in a stone altar to be removed by those deemed worthy. Unbeknownst to him or his audience, Stingwingers close in on them as various warriors attempt to draw the swords from a stone. Each fails. Arriving, the Stingwingers capture the villagers, and their leader, Furio, arrives. He too attempts to free the Quasar Sabers, and grows frustrated when he fails.

Back on Earth, the space colony Terra Venture is preparing to set out into space to search for a new world. The colony is eight hours from departure, and last-minute preparations are underway. Pausing during the check, a command officer named Mike Corbett takes a last look at Earth, since as Commander Stanton says, “odds are you’ll never see her again." Also aboard the colony are Kai Chen, another command officer as well as Kendrix Morgan, a science officers.

The airport of Angel Grove is full of people clamoring for passage, including Professor Phenomenus and Bulk. The latter seems pensive, thinking he’s forgotten something. He has: Skull is still asleep at home. As their passports are verified, security throws out Leo Corbett, telling him to come back when he has one.

Frustrated, Leo wanders into an alley, where he witnesses a trio of men ganging up on an old woman for her Terra Venture passport. He intervenes on her behalf, tricking the bullies into thinking they’ve escaped with the passport, and returns it to the woman. She thanks him and asks him if he is also going on Terra Venture. Leo tells her that he wasn't selected, and the old woman laments this saying a new world will need brave people like him. This solidifies Leo's resolve, and he becomes determined to leave with Terra Venture. Leo sneaks into the airport and gets aboard a shuttle, although he is spotted.

On Terra Venture, Leo flees the security guards, bumping into Kendrix and Kai—literally. Kendrix takes to him, and when he runs again, she covers for him, much to Kai’s surprise. Joining a group of soldiers, Leo finds himself on the Moon for a final training exercise, where he again saves Kendrix and bumps into Kai again—along with Mike. The newcomer recognizes him, and reveals that Leo is his younger brother. He starts to scold Leo for coming, but Leo is defiant and determined to see what is out there in the depths of space.

Back on Mirinoi, one young girl flees into the jungle, pursued by Stingwingers, only to stumble through a portal that mysteriously opens up before her. It deposits her and three of the monsters on the Moon right in front of our heroes, who defend her from the Stingwingers. The foot soldiers retreat through the portal.

The girl reveals that her name is Maya, and explains her situation. Leo and Kendrix are eager to go and help, although Kai is not so willing since it would be against orders. Ordering Kai to take Leo back, Mike brings Kendrix through the portal along with Maya. As Kai begins to leave, Leo makes a break for it and runs through the portal too.

Part 2

Kai feels guilty about leaving his fellow teammates behind, and decides to go after them aboard the Astro Megaship which is now a museum. The ship's mechanic Damon, along with Alpha 6, doesn't think that the ship will fly as it has been out of action for so long. But after a while Damon lends a helping hand and the Astro Megaship is flying once again and they find another wormhole and go through it. Meanwhile Leo has caught up with Mike, Maya and Kendrix. They try and help Maya's townspeople fight off Furio and the Sting Wingers. During the fight with Furio, Mike takes the Quasar Saber out of the rock with great ease, which then prompts Maya, Kai, Kendrix and Damon to do the same, also with great ease, showing that they are the chosen ones. Furious that he cannot have the Quasar Sabers, Furio petrifies the entire planet of Mirinoi, along with its people. Mike, Leo, Kai, Damon, Maya and Kendrix manage to escape, but then Furio appears and creates a huge chasm in the ground, leaving Mike hanging on to the side of the wall. Leo comes to help but only manages to save the Quasar Saber after Mike tells Leo to take care of the Quasar Saber before he lets go and falls. With Mike gone, the five brave heroes morph into the Power Rangers and battle off Furio and the remaining Stingwingers. The Megaship escapes just as Mirinoi turns to stone, and takes the new Rangers back to Terra Venture, which sets off on its long journey and Leo will avenge Mike's supposed death. Scorpius however follows the Rangers through the portal and swears revenge on the Rangers and Terra Venture. 



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  • After Leo saves the old woman, a shot of the lettering on her passport reveals the film was reversed.
  • Its a bit strange how the vibration of the clock didn’t wake up Skull.
  • Leo changed into the uniform surprisingly quick. What’s weirder, is where he got it is unknown because he only grabbed the helmet, although it’s possible there was a uniform in the room he went into.
  • Damon called out for Mike after his fall despite having never even met him until a couple of minutes prior.
  • Once aboard the Megaship, Maya was for some reason wearing her Transmorpher outside her suit.
  • When the Quasar Sabers start to glow, a brief shot shows Kendrix's sword glows yellow instead of pink.


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