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Quarganon was a Super Demon.


Quarganon was imprisoned within an artifact known as the Solar Amulet. He can only be released by stating an incantation when the stars are in alignment with the sun. When Vypra comes back to life, she attempts to steal the Amulet from the museum. However, because she is a ghost, she cannot take it from inside its case. She forms an alliance with Ransik and succeeds in stealing it. During the ritual, Carter Grayson and Wesley Collins crash the ritual and steal the Solar Amulet. Ransik and Vypra chased after them and managed to corner him while her Demon Warriors had already captured the other Time Force Rangers. Carter was forced to surrender the Solar Amulet. With the stars still in alignment with the sun, Vypra then recites the incantation and summons the powerful Super Demon. However, the Lightspeed Power Rangers arrive to help the Time Force Rangers alongside Eric Myers. Carter destroyed Quarganon with his Trans-Armor Cycle while Vypra is destroyed by Wesley with his Red Battle Warrior.Time for Lightspeed

Character History

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This was the incantation that Vypra recited to released Quarganon:

From the deepest shadows far below,
Where no mortal will dare to go!
Only demons toss and burn!
Now mighty Quarganon, it's your time to return!

Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes



  • Ron Rogge, who portrayed Captain William Mitchell in Lightspeed Rescue, also provided Quarganon's voice.
  • The reason why Quarganon looks similar to Jinxer is that he's the final form of his sentai counterpart Spell-Master Pierre. Quargon's Sentai counterpart is actually a fusion between Pierre and a criminal named Boribaru, the latter of which was not used in Time Force.

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