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"Quantum Power!"
―Morphing call[src]
Power Rangers Time Force - Quantum Ranger Morph

Power Rangers Time Force - Quantum Ranger Morph


Worn by Eric Myers of the Silver Guardians to become the Quantum Ranger, this red and black Morpher was originally lost in the prehistoric era in the form of the Quantum Controller box though uncovered later in an archaeological dig.

Because the Morpher was somewhat older than the Chrono Morphers, it was less sophisticated in design and did not use a DNA imprint; Instead, it utilized voice recognition software set to Eric's voice only activated by a command of "Quantum Power!" by Eric or someone capable of impersonating him. Later, Wes was able to use it when Eric deactivated the voice command control, allowing Wes to utilize the Quantum Defender and control the Q-Rex during the battle with the Cyclobots and Doomtron. He later returned the Morpher to Eric.

Both Wes and Eric retained possession of their Morphers whilst the other Time Force Rangers returned to the 31st century with theirs.

Alternative to the Quantum Morpher, the Super Mega Rangers used a Legendary Ranger Key provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger form as a Legendary Ranger Mode.

Morphing Sequence

Eric is surrounded by an endless amount of crisscrossing & rising walls of bluish-white binary code data. His Quantum Morpher flashes red, and transforms his entire hand into a crimson glove with a black & silver gauntlet. Eric aims his empowered left arm into the air, causing a rain of golden rings to wash over him until his entire body blasts with a surge of white energy. This quickly fades with a reddish gleam leaving Eric morphed completely into the Quantum Time Force Power Ranger!

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