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""From the bowels of the evil light, bring forth a monster the Rangers must fight!""
Jinxer's incantation to summon Quakemon.[src]

Quakemon is an earthquake-themed mole demon with a dual face and the secondary antagonist of the episode "Trial By Fire".


After the Lightspeed Rangers stopped Vypra's plan of destroying Mariner Bay with the spikes that were causing tremors, Jinxer was given this card to create a monster to let Vypra escape. Once they were all out of the cave they were fighting in, it was revealed that Quakemon was summoned, in a pre-destroyed form. (This is due to the American version leaving out the scene where the Rangers destroy Quakemon's Japanese counterpart with the Rescue Bird's counterpart). Jinxer immediately enlarged this monster to battle the Rangers. The Rangers then summoned the Lightspeed Megazord and battled with Quakemon. He had the upper hand by digging under ground and grabbing the Megazord, but the Lightspeed Megazord used it's Ladder Arms to break free and kick the monster away. The Lightspeed Megazord then equipped the new Lightspeed Megazord Saber and finally destroyed Quakemon with it's Fire Circle attack. Trial by Fire

In the two episodes "Sorcerer of the Sands" and "Olympius Unbound", he was seen in the Shadow World.


Quakemon didn't have much in a way of personality. He only spoke in roars but is shown to be aggressive and wanted to defeat the Lightspeed Megazord at any cost.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Quakemon possess big physical strength, being strong enough to battle Lightspeed Megazord and hold it in place
  • Superhuman Agility: Quakemon is also very agile, as he showed during the battle with the Lightspeed Megazord when he dodged many punches.
  • Burrowing: True to his name, this monster can burrow deep under ground and do a sneak attack on his enemies.


  • Claws: Quakemon has clawed hands for close melee combat.


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