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"White stings. Sink into the ground."
―Quakemaker's first words[src]

"Check me out!"
―Quakemaker's first words after being enlarged[src]

Quakemaker is a wasp monster. Believing the Lights of Orion were in hidden the soil of Terra Venture, Furio sent Quakemaker who buried stakes he fired from his mouth into the ground to create tremors, thus unearthing them to be captured. Kai Chen and the other Galaxy Rangers fend him off for a time, but arrived too late to stop his handiwork, completely unaware of what's he's done. Furio soon directed Quakemaker another area to place his stakes and on Furio's command, earthquakes began in the colony in their various locations. After the quakes, however, the Lights did not emerge and Quakemaker was destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord. Quakemaker is wasp-themed and wielded a sword in battle.

Later on, Hexuba resurrected Quakemaker, Kai attempted to pull Quakemaker's ghost back into the grave, but the monster managed shake Kai off him and landed in a forest. After destroying Hexuba's Mansion's Kai returned to the colony and used his Quasar Saber to destroy Quakemaker.

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