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"“Rita? Stay away and don’t come near. That wicked witchy sent you here. No friend of hers is a friend to me. You can’t fool Quagmire, no siree.”"
―Quagmire's first words after Kimberly asked him for help because of Rita sending them to the Island. He cut Kimberly off from her explanation.[src]

Quagmire is a small man who resides on the Island of Illusion. It's unclear if he lived there or was banished there by Rita Repulsa (as his fear of her would indicate).

Character History

Quagmire watched the Rangers from the bushes and trees when they arrived on the Island of Illusion. Zack was the first to see him, but thought he merely imagined him.

Soon, the other Rangers see him after they first hear him playing his flute. He originally assumed the Rangers were sent by Rita when Kimberly mentioned her name, yelling at them before teleporting away He soon learns that they're not with Rita, and helps them by speaking riddles to help them regain their confidence and escape the island before Rita can blow it up. He managed to escape as well somehow. He is last seen as a DJ at the dance competition Zack participates in. His name is often confused with Quasimodo.

Behind the Scenes


  • Quagmire is played by Kevin Thompson who speaks exclusively in rhyme.


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