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"Your Zords are forsaking you, and now I will show you the TRUE power of the Animal Crystals!"
―Master Org describing the Quadra Org to Merrick before creating him from the Rangers' Animal Crystals.[src]

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The Quadra Org is a chimera-themed Org and is one of the primary villains of the seven-part Zen-Aku story arc, in which he is the final Org. He serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "The Lone Wolf" the seventh and final part of the Zen-Aku story arc.


This animal-like monster was created out of the Elephant, Giraffe, Black Bear, and Polar Bear Animal Crystals by Master Org, which were stolen by Zen-Aku. He battled Merrick and made a beat down on him, the Rangers came and morphed into the Wild Force Power Rangers and did battle with this monster, but non of their weapons have any effect on him, they then used the Jungle Sword Savage Slash on him, but even that just bounce right off of him, he then attack the Rangers by using the powers of all four Wild Zords, and had the Rangers at his mercy, he was about to make the final strike on them until Merrick stepped forward and did battle with the monster again, he was out match but no matter how much Quadra Org attacks, Merrick will not stay down, the Lion Zord called the Wolf, Hammer Head and Alligator Wildzords to help out Merrick and gave him a morpher, which lets him turn into the new Lunar Wolf Wild Force Ranger, he then does battle with the Quadra Org, but no matter how much the Quadra Org tried, he was no match and was destroyed by the Merrick's Laser Pool. Toxica revived him as a giant, Merrick summons his Wild Zords and they formed a new form for the Predazord, the Predazord Light, and the Wildforce Rangers summon the Wild Zords to form the Wild Force Megazord Striker to aid the Predazord in battle, with the combine attacks of the Wildforce Megazord's final striker and the Predazord's Revolver Phantom, the Quadra Org was destroyed once and for all. The Lone Wolf


Unlike the other Orgs before hand, the Quadra Org doesn't talk, only speaking in roars (although at one point it is possible to make out the words "Yes?"), but judging by his actions, the Quadra Org is a sinister monster that loves to mock his enemies from his power, despite all of this however, he is shown to be loyal to Nayzor.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Quadra Org is one of the more stronger Orgs, being able to best all five Rangers in battle. He was able to toss Merrick to the ground with just one arm.
  • Durability: Quadra Org has incredibly thick skin that is strong enough to be unaffected by the Rangers' weapons, striking him at once. Even two slashes from Merrick's clawed gloves did absolutely nothing. He also shrugged off a blast from Merrick's Lunar Cue Sniper Mode and fired back. When made giant, the Wild Force Megazord Shark Surge and Tiger Fury attacks combined with a double punch from the Predazord just made him stumble back. It took the power of the Lunar Break attack and later the Wild Force Megazord Final Strike and the Predazord's Revolver Phantom to end him for good.
  • Deflection: He was able to deflect the Jungle Sword Savage Slash with the swipe of his hand.
  • Lightning Burst: Quadra Org can release a wild spread of orange-yellow lightning from around himself. This pushed back and wiped out all five Rangers.
  • Horn Lightning Bolts: From the horns on his head, he can fire orange-yellow lightning bolts.
  • Forehead Giraffe Lightning Beam: From the giraffe head located in the middle of his forehead, the Quadra Org can fire a red-orange lightning beam.
  • Lightning Vision: Quadra Org can fire red lightning beams from his four eyes. A single blast took down all five Rangers and blasted Merrick right off a hill. He can also fire a blast of orange-yellow colored electricity from his eyes.
  • Lightning Balls: Quadra Org can fire light orange-yellow lightning balls in rapid succession.
  • Polar Bear Ice Breath: From the Polar Bear Wildzord head on his right shoulder, he can launch a stream of ice at his enemies.
  • Black Bear Fire Breath: From the Black Bear Wildzord head on his left shoulder, he can launch a stream of flames at his enemies.
  • Fireballs: Presumably Quadra Org's strongest attack. By charging his hands up with energy from the Wildzord heads on his body in the form of orange, green, violet, and blue lightning, Quadra Org can launch a big fireball from his arms. Although this had no effect on the Zords, the nature of the attack implies this is the best he could muster.


  • Right Trunk Arm: On the Quadra Org's right arm is the Elephant Wildzord's trunk, which he can use to wrap his target with great force.
    • Extendable Trunk Arm: Quadra Org can extend his trunk arm to incredible lengths.
    • Trunk Tying: Quadra Org can launch a trunk that can tightly wrap his enemies.
  • Clawed Left Hand: Quadra Org has a clawed left hand for combat.

Behind The Scenes



  • The Quadra Org is the third fusion chimera-type monster to appear in the series (the first being the Cog Impursonator, and the second being Troika).
  • While the Quadra Org doesn't talk, after taking out the the Wild Force Rangers and being stopped by Merrick, it is possible to make out the words "Yes?"
  • Quadra Org's first part of his name comes from the word Quadra, it is another word for the number four, it is a reference to how he is made out of four different Wild Force Zords.
  • The Quadra Org is the first monster to be fought by the Predazord Hero Mode.
  • The Quadra Org is the first monster in Wild Force to be fought by two Megazords.
  • The Quadra Org is one of the strongest and most powerful monster in Wild Force, having a huge arsenal of abilities, being able to out match all five Wild Force Rangers and when he grows giant, it took the power of two Megazords to finally bring him down for good.

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