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―The only words QQ Kyuutan ever says.[src]

QQ Kyuutan (キューキューキュータン KyūKyū Kyūtan, 6)

Character History

Bowzock's best searcher, using a staff with a magnifying glass as his weapon, he is hired by Gynamo to find a necklace that Zonnete wanted in the hopes of winning her affections. Using his camera eye to take a picture of the drawing Zonnette made and his super speed, Kyuutan proceeds to break into jewelry stores to find the necklace. Taking advantage of the heated debate between Pink Racer and Yellow Racer, Kyuutan runs off until he dodges the Formula Nova. He then eats the Imo-youkan Grotch handed him and grows big to continue his search before easily defeating RV Robo until the girls finally set aside their differences as Kyuutan notices the Rainbow Bridge and believes it to be the necklace he's looking for. In the end, he is killed by the Reckless Dash Cut after it smashes his staff with it's RV Vehicle Punch and kicks him to the ground with its RV Vehicle Kick.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • His motifs are the one of a Pharaoh and the one of an appraiser.
  • QQ Kyuutan's name comes from 探究 (Tankyū), which means Search.

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