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"Happy birthday to me! I'm controlling the fire!"
―Pyrian Kurachek's first words[src]

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Character History

Pyrian Kurachek (パイロウ星人コラチェク Pairō Seijin Koracheku, 40): An arsonist in 4,103 cases and with 3 charges of planetary incineration. He is of the Pyrians, flame-based beings who sometimes wear protective suits to move freely in places like Earth. The Dekarangers are unaware of this until Tetsu figures out his weakness from the girl he has saved and is able to strike Korachek with his Super Impulse fist attack. Kurachek also has an Extra LL giant sized version of his suit. His body temperature is 2,500 degrees Celsius and then when he becomes giant, it increases by 500. His suit is deleted by DekaWing Cannon, leaving his naked body to be extinguished by the coldness of space.


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Modus and Arsenal

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