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"Can can, twist, double front kick!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Pyodor (ピョードル Pyōdoru) is a chicken-themed Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "Control/Le contrôle" treasure from the Lupin Collection.


Pyodor is battling the Lupinrangers and made his escape. But before Lupin Blue could follow him, but Pyodor used the Lupin Collection's ability to stop him in his tracks.

He'd appeared once again in his human form under an alias named "Shoemon Oshi" and he was about to get one of the citizens to join him in his dojo. However, Tooma arrived so "Shoemon" used the Lupin Collection's ability to convince Tooma to joined him at the dojo with the some other students including Sakuya. There, Pyodor actually taught them how to dance instead of doing karate.

Later, Tooma complained to "Shoemon" about dropping out of this dojo, but "Shoemon" used the Lupin Collection's ability to stop him from leaving the dojo. However, someone just called Shoemon on his phone about Sakuya, so he'd asked Sakuya to deliver a "present" to GPO as a reward for keeping peace in the world. But unknowing to Sakuya, it actually contains a bomb that he was about to deliver. So Sakuya was about to open the box, but "Shoemon" used the Lupin Collection's ability to convince Sakuya not to open the box until he reached GPO Base.

However, Lupin Blue managed to save Sakuya in time and exposed Pyodor's plans. With that, Pyodor battled the Patren 2gou, but with his beak now clogged, Lupin Blue gained access to Pyodor's safe and got "Control/Le contrôle" piece before Pyodor was taken out by the Lupinranger.

However, Pyodor was enlarged by Goche Ru Medou only to be destroyed by the Patkaiser.


Pyodor has the personality of a dance instructor who had disguised himself as a martial arts coach named Shoemon Oshi (小紫庄右衛門 Oshi Shōemon).

Powers and Abilities


Pyodor's human form, Shoemon Oshi

  • Human Disguise: Like every Gangler Monster, Pyodor has the special ability to disguise himself as a martial arts coach.
  • Enhanced reflexes: Due to his dancing, Pyodor can dodge his opponents' attacks with no effort.
  • Scale Projectile: Pyodor can launch the yellow scale-like protrusions on his body that explode on impact.
  • Energy Slash: Pyodor can launch violet energy slashes from his large left talons.
  • Mind Control: Due to the "Control/Le contrôle" treasure equipped within his safe, he can control his opponents' movemments as long as he can speak.


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  • Criminal Record: Brainwashing People (And Fraud)
  • Lupin Collection: "Control/Le contrôle" Dagger Flute
  • Gangler Safe Location: Chest
  • Password: 1-4-5

Behind the Scenes


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  • Pyodor was designed by artist Masato Hisa.
  • Pyodor's suit is a rebuilt and repainted version of Zonic Lee's suit with a new head design.

Concept Art


  • Pyodor's name is a play on Fyodor and the Japanese word for peep (ピヨ Piyo), the sound chicks make.
  • Pyodor's Ganger Safe access code is a Goroawase wordplay. It could be read as hi (1) - yo (4) - ko (5), "chick".


  • Pyodor is the first Gangler to have a one-word name.
  • Pyodor's Collection Piece "Control/Le Controle" is similar in design to the Zyusouken which was used by Yamato Tribe Knight Burai and eventually by Geki.


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