This article is about a/an foot soldier army in the Power Rangers comic sub-franchise by Boom! Studios.

For the original TV version of this character, see Putty Patrollers.

The Putty Patrollers are the clayform foot soldiers used by Rita Repulsa.

Character History

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  • Standard: The common Putty used as basic foot soldiers to fight the Power Rangers or in some rare cases are sacrificed to be used as clay building material.
  • Putty Infiltrator: A new type of Putty created by Finster by researching human test subjects, able to not only assume the form of a human but possess some semblance of human-level intelligence.
  • Megaputty: A gigantic three-headed Putty created from a special clay mixture by Finster and designed to be a walking powerhouse that could overwhelm the Rangers. A one-off created to distract the Power Rangers long enough for Rita Repulsa to cast a powerful spell to entrap the Rangers in another dimension.
  • Z Putty: After Rita had been banished by Lord Zedd, the evil emperor replaced the old models of Putties with some of his own. They are stronger than regular Putties and have shown to be able to be produced in much greater numbers to the point they can possibly overwhelm the Power Rangers. Despite being tougher to defeat, they are just as inept as the originals and even in one instance run away in fear when they are losing a fight.
  • Foot Ninja Putties: Exclusive to the TMNT crossover. The Foot Ninja Putties were special Putty-human hybrids created in an experiment by Finster working with Baxter Stockman in the hopes of making a stronger Foot army, fusing Foot elite ninjas with Finster's magic clay.
  • Rita Repulsa: This Putty is a clone of Rita Repulsa serving Lord Zedd. Lord Zedd gave this Putty clone of Rita the powers of the Dark Red Ranger.
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