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The Putty Infiltrator is a monster created by Finster, which was designed to shapeshift and imitate human behavior.

Character History

The Putty Infiltrator is created by Finster and has the ability to take human form in order to blend in to learn more about the human race and their weaknesses. The Putty Infiltrator later takes the form of Matthew Cook and attempts to break up the team by planting seeds of doubt. However, the Putty Infiltrator is shown to not completely fool the Power Rangers due to him acting weird and getting facts about Matthew’s life wrong. He’s eventually exposed at Angel Grove High’s Homecoming Dance when the real Matthew escapes Rita’s clutches and tries to convince the Power Rangers that he isn’t evil. This doesn’t work however and the Putty Infiltrator mutates into a form with many faces. After playing some mind games on the Power Rangers but refusing to destroy them, Rita Repulsa brainwashes the Putty Infiltrator and makes him grow. The Putty Infiltrator copies the Dino Megazord and nearly succeeds in defeating the Power Rangers but is destroyed when zords split up and he is blasted to bits by the Pterodactyl Dinozord.


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