PR2017icon.pngThis article is about a/an enemy foot soldier in Power Rangers (2017), a different continuity than the TV series.

The Putties, organized into the Putty Patrols, are the foot soldiers used by Rita Repulsa. These creatures, which are significantly larger than humans, are created from surfaces such as concrete. Each individual Putty inherits characteristics from these substances. When they are created from gold, concrete, or dirt, they take on the qualities of those materials. Anything surrounding the area where the Putty was formed, such as a fire hydrant, also becomes part of their structure. Many Putty also have further variation, such as having additional faces.


The Putties appear the first time as holograms when Zordon and Alpha 5 train the Rangers. Rita creates one to kill a policeman who "threatens" her.

When she rebuilds Goldar, Rita sends many Putties to fight the Rangers but they are defeated by Jason's Power Sword and Zack's Mastodon Battle Zord. During the final battle, Rita builds an army of Putties to fight the Rangers. Many are destroyed by the Rangers and their Zords, and the survivors are destroyed when Billy knocks Rita after shooting her with his Zord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers (2017)

Differences from the TV version

  • In the original series, the Putties were made from clay, hence their name, and were all identical due to the fact that they were created from standardized molds and put into the Monster-Matic. In the movie, each Putty has their own distinct appearance due to the fact that Rita creates them on the spot, using whatever substance the ground is made up of (typically concrete).


  • It is stated the Putties will fall apart if the center of their chest is struck. This is the same weakness of the Z Putty Patrollers, which exploded the moment their Z emblem was struck.
  • The Putties are playable in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.



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