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Pursehead is a purse monster created by Lord Zedd from Kimberly's purse after a Z-Putty stole it. Pursehead manages to freeze Tommy and Kimberly by using a compact ray. When Zack comes to their aid, he gets frozen as quickly as they did. Once Trini and Billy finish working on the device needed to free the other rangers from the spell, they rush to the rescue and Trini distracts Pursehead while Billy uses the device. They are successful in freeing the other rangers, but when Jason is in trouble in the battle against the Lipsyncher, they must go to Jason's aid. Tommy tells the Rangers that he will stay behind and battle Pursehead by himself while the others battle Lipsyncher. Pursehead starts off by getting out some mystical dental floss and wrapping it around Tommy in a rope-like fashion. Saba helps Tommy by floating above the fight and blasting Pursehead with his eye lasers. Pursehead gets hurt and releases Tommy from his stranglehold. Tommy then dashes at the monster and performs multiple powerful kicks sending the monster sprawling. Pursehead can no longer maintain his form so he turns right back into Kimberly's purse.



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