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Pursehead is a purse monster created by Lord Zedd from Kimberly's purse. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Two for One".


Pursehead was created by Zedd from Kimberly's purse after it was stolen by Z Putty Patrollers. He was armed with staff and other things, which were in the purse. He also used compact ray which could emit freeze beams. When he encountered Tommy and Kimberly, they tried to battle him, but he freezes them with compact ray. When Zack arrived to aid his friends, he was also quickly frozen as well. Zedd also created another monster called Lipsyncher to help him. Once Billy and Trini finished the device to free their friends, they arrived and Trini distracted Pursehead, while Billy used the device to free his friends. They successfully freed the other rangers, but Jason was in trouble to battle Lipsyncher, so they had to help their friend. Tommy told other to help Jason, while he stayed to fight Pursehead. Pursehead used some mystical dental floss and trapped Tommy in a rope like fashion. Saba helps Tommy by floating above and blasting Purshead with his eye lasers. Pursehead gets hurt and releases Tommy from his stranglehold. Tommy then dashes at the monster and performs multiple power strikes, sending the monster sprawling. After being destroyed, Pursehead could no longer maintain his form, so he returned to the form of Kimberly's purse. Two for One


Pursehead was cunning, sinister and cold monster that took great pride in destroying the Power Rangers.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength
  • Energy Blasts
  • Freeze Rays


  • Staff
  • Compact Ray
  • Giant Dental Floss

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