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"No need to search. The purse has found you. Come get me weaklings!"
―Pursehead’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Foolish Power Rangers. You’re only putting off the inevitable; your destruction!Pursehead after Billy and Trini Kwan"
―Trini rescued their friends.[src]

"Silly White Ranger. I’m more trouble than you can handle."
―Pursehead when the other Power Rangers left him alone with Tommy.[src]

"Oh no!"
―Pursehead’s final words before returning to his purse form.[src]

Pursehead was a purse monster who served as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Two for One”.


When Tommy and Kimberly decide to go on their first date, Lord Zedd decides to affect their personal lives. Since Tommy has recently rejoined the team as the White Ranger, Zedd decides to create two monsters in a combined assault. During Kimberly's and Tommy's date, he sends down the Putty Patrol to attack them, stealing the purse belonging to Kimberly’s mother in the process. Pursehead is then created by Lord Zedd from the purse itself and is assigned the mission of destroying the Power Rangers at all costs. Tommy and Kimberly realize that the latter’s purse has been stolen but Pursehead appears, revealing where it has gone before challenging them into battle. The duo morph to try and battle him but he produces a compact mirror and fires off beams from it, freezing them in time and space. With a third of the team neutralized, Zedd creates the Lipsyncher to force the other Power Rangers out and destroy them. The Rangers regroup at the Command Center and send Zack to help his friends. When he arrives, he confronts Pursehead and draws his Power Axe but is frozen by the mirror ray before he can move.

Once Billy and Trini finish the Reverse Ocular Dilator to free their friends, they morph and go to the park. Trini distracts Pursehead by hand-standing over and posing in front of him which dumbfounds the monster whilst Billy uses the Dilator. Said device not only unfreezes his friends but the ray that did so bounces off of them and strikes down Pursehead as well. However, Jason was forced to fight the Lipsyncher alone due to the others working on the Dilator. Tommy tells the others to help Jason while he stays behind to defeat Pursehead. Pursehead uses dental floss and traps Tommy in a rope, but Saba helps Tommy by floating above and blasting Pursehead with his eye lasers. Pursehead is hurt and releases Tommy from his stranglehold. After a devastating flurry of attacks from Tommy, Pursehead can no longer maintain his form so he dissolves into red energy and returns to the form of Kimberly's mother’s purse. Due to the instant reversion, throwing a Growth Bomb is impossible. Even so, Zedd remains confident that he will emerge on top with the Lipsyncher, but the Thunderzord Assault Team make short work of her.


Pursehead was a cunning, sinister and cold monster that took great pride in destroying the Power Rangers. However, he was also insanely stupid and easy to trick because Trini hand-standing up to him and posing was enough for him to be stunned so Billy unfroze the other Rangers which became his downfall.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Pursehead was able to throw Tommy around with ease.


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  • Staff: Pursehead wielded a massive staff resembling a cotton bud. It would have presumably been used as a club but he never attacked with it.
  • Compact Ray: Pursehead wielded a large pocket mirror that could fire a large red-silver ray capable of freezing the Power Rangers’ minds and rendering them immobile.
  • Giant Dental Floss: Pursehead could pull out a large pack of dental floss that he used to tie Tommy up like a lasso.

Behind the Scenes


  • Pursehead was voiced by Richard Cansino despite having a very high-pitched voice.


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  • Pursehead was the first monster in Power Rangers who has a Super Sentai counterpart yet only appeared in original footage.


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