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""Heya, hiya, hoya there kids! Welcome to our show!""
―Puppetman's first words (when good) after being unveiled by Captain Pete.[src]

""Now for a special finale!""
―Puppetman after changing into his evil form and before brainwashing the kids.[src]

""Whoa! Puppetman’s hit the big time!""
―Puppetman upon growing.[src]

""Whoa, my nose!""
―Puppetman after the Zeo Megazord cleaved off his nose (his power source) and his final words before his death[src]

Puppetman transformation

Puppetman is a humanoid robot that served as the primary antagonist of the episode "The Puppet Blaster".


Good Puppetman

Puppetman was a robot created to entertain kids alongside his partner Captain Pete, a children's entertainer, that a Cog inserted an evil cog into its back to make him evil, allowing him to turn children into mindless zombies.

The Rangers arrived, but Puppetman used the kids as human shields, knowing the Rangers would not harm the children. Puppetman then escaped to a satellite station where he intended to amplify his mind-altering powers on all of Earth's children; on his way there he hypnotized several children in the park.

The Zeo Rangers confronted him but were forced to retreat when he turned the kids into a zombie army, putting them in danger of injury if there was a battle. He then went on a rampage through the park.

He later went with Klank & Orbus to the nearby radio tower to try and broadcast his mind control waves worldwide but were intercepted by the Rangers. They tried to take him down with their sidearms and then their Advanced Zeo Laser Pistols but he was not affected and bested the Rangers. However, Tommy quickly took him out with the new Defender Wheel and broke his spell on all the children.

Defeated, Puppetman grew with the help of Klank and Orbus and the Zeo Megazord was summoned to fight him. The monster blasted them with buzzsaws so they summoned the Zeo II Battle Helmet to destroy two more and knocked him down with the Zeo IV Battle Helmet. However, Puppetman rolled and blasted the Megazord with energy from his nose, proving him to be completely invincible without his power source being destroyed.

Billy discovered that his power came from Puppetman's nose, and told the Rangers that destroying it would render Puppetman powerless. The Zeo Megazord Saber cut off his nose and destroyed Puppetman. Later, Alpha 5 rebuilt Puppetman for Captain Pete's next show.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Nose Blast: Puppetman can fire a blue energy blast from his nose


  • Strength: When giant, the Puppetman was able to knock back the Zeo Megazord with one hit to the chest.
  • Durability: Puppetman proved immune to the Zeo Pod Swords hitting the light on his head as well as all five Advanced Zeo Laser Pistols being fired at him at once. When giant, he shrugged off the Zeo IV Battle Helmet's Power Ram without getting a scratch.


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  • Mace Hand: In place of his left hand Puppetman has a massive silver mace instead of a hand which he can use to bash down his enemies.
    • Ring Blasts: Puppetman can fire large blue rings out of his mace hand's spikes that were strong enough to take down all five Rangers with one hit.
  • Normal VIEWINGGLOBE-prz-puppetblaster-372.jpg
    Mind Blaster: In place of his right hand, Puppetman has a metal ring with holes around it that can fire blue tendrils of energy to turn kids evil.
  • Buzzsaws: The large cog like protrusions on Puppetman's shoulders are actually massive buzzsaws that can be fired as projectiles.

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