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"Whoa, my nose!"
―Puppetman's final words before his death[src]
Puppetman (good)

Good Puppetman

Puppetman was a robot created to entertain kids alongside his partner Captain Pete, a children's entertainer, that a Cog inserted an evil cog into its back to make him evil, allowing him to turn children into mindless zombies, much to Captain Pete's confusion. The Rangers arrived, but Puppetman used the children as human shields, knowing the Rangers would not harm the children. Puppetman then escaped to a satellite station where he intended to amplify his mind-altering powers on all of Earth's children; on his way there he hypnotized several children in the park. The Rangers took him down with the new Defender Wheel and broke his spell on all the children. Defeated but not at all distraught, Puppetman grew, and the Zeo Megazord fought him. Billy discovered that his power came from Puppetman's nose, and told the Rangers that destroying it would render Puppetman powerless. The Zeo Megazord's saber cut off his nose and destroyed Puppetman. Later, fellow robot Alpha 5 rebuilt Puppetman (with a deflector signal to prevent anyone evil from controlling him again) for Captain Pete's next show.

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