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The Puppet Ninja Corps (クグツ忍者群団 Kugutsu Ninja Gundan) is a group of AI-controlled, mechanical chūnin (中忍 "mid-level ninja") built by Spear Five, Sargain. Their designs typically combine organic and inorganic things.

Enlargement Technique

Copy Giant robot and missile forms

Copy Giant concept art

"My lovely Copy Giant copies all of the fallen Puppet Ninja's abilities. It will bring him back even stronger than before."
―Wendinu's standard narration whenever she deploys the Copy Giant

Members of the Puppet Ninja Corps are enlarged by the Copy Giant (コピージャイアント Kopī Jaianto), a missile that Spear Four, Wendinu launches by using her compact mirror. The missile transforms into a giant robot that scans and replicates the defeated Puppet Ninja into a giant form. Its function is similar to Gorlin from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

Magnet Ninja Jishakkumo

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Magnet Ninja Jishakkumo (磁石忍者ジシャックモ Jishaku Ninja Jishakkumo, 2): A magnet-themed chūnin, he was sent to use his Ninpou to control the magnetic forces in people. But the Hurricanegers scrapped him with the Triplet Gadget. Jishakkumo was recreated by the Copy Giant, only to be the first opponent of Karakuri Giant Senpuujin's Sword Slasher, which negated his regeneration ability.

Excavation Ninja Mogudrago

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Excavation Ninja Mogudrago (穴掘り忍者モグドラゴ Anahori Ninja Mogudorago, 4): A robotic mole chūnin, his mastery of "Space Ninpou: Land-Escape" made him needed for a task to dig up the Jakanja subway. He was defeated by Hurricane Yellow and Quake Gadget, only be recreated and killed by Senpuujin with the Goat Crusher.

Severing Ninja Shiransu

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Severing Ninja Shiransu (縁切り忍者シラーンス Enkiri Ninja Shirānsu, 6): A robotic rabbit chūnin able to cause conflict between people, severing the bonds that bind them. Killed by Hurricane Red and Hurricane Yellow, destroyed by Senpuujin with the Tortoise Hammer.

Water Absorbing Ninja Gamajakushi

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Water Absorbing Ninja Gamajakushi (水喰い忍者ガマジャクシ Mizukui Ninja Gamajakushi, 8): A toad chūnin robot, he was sent to use his "Space Ninpou: Water Absorber" to suck all of the water on Earth so the Evil Force can manifest easily. Was defeated by the Gouraijers because they knew the loss of water would allow the Evil Force to be born. Gamajakushi was killed by Senpuujin using the Goat Hammer for the Hurricane Comet attack.

Metal Ninja Tekkotsumeba

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Metal Ninja Tekkotsumeba (メタル忍者テッコツメーバ Metaru Ninja Tekkotsumēba, 12): A amoeba chūnin robot, nicknamed, the weakest of Sargain's monsters as he was easily destroyed by the Triple Gadget. But Tekkotsumeba's true power is his assimilation ability as pieces of him fused into 70,000 buildings across the city. Once he gathered enough strength, Tekktsumeba begin to draw the buildings together in order absorb them. Once fully regenerated, Tekkotsuba would be 500 times larger than Senpuujin. Karakuri Giant Gouraijin held Senpuujin off as Tekkotsumeba regenerated, until the Hurricanegers managed to get Hurricane Hawk past Gouraijin and incinerate Tekkotsumeba.

Disaster Ninja Kangaroulette

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Disaster Ninja Kangaroulette (災厄忍者カンガルーレット Saiyaku Ninja Kangarūretto, 20, Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger): A kangaroo rat chūnin robot with a roulette on his stomach. He was sent by Sargain to ruin the Earth before Sixth Spear, Satarakura arrives. Depending on where the roulette stops, Kangaroulette lets his victims pick the method of destruction. Kangaroulette was forced to retreat after being beaten by KabutoRaiger, only to return with improvements by Sargain. Once wounded by Thunder Slash, Kangaroulette was scrapped by Victory Gadget and then killed by Karakuri Giant Gourai Senpuujin. Killed again by the combined efforts of GaoKing Sword & Shield and GaoHunter Justice.

Thunder Ninja Unadaigo

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Thunder Ninja Unadaigo (雷忍者ウナダイゴ Kaminari Ninja Unadaigo, 24): A drum-themed chūnin robot, Sargain created him with his research on the Gouraigers to absorb electricity and unleash it with his Space Lightning Taiko Drums. Unadaigo managed to overpower Sky Ninja Shurikenger and the Hurricanegers, keeping them from hitting his weak spot, his lightning absorber. Ikkou and Isshu attempted to beat him with Taiko style, before assuming Gouraiger form and defeating Unadaigo with their Double Gadget. This ninja was then recreated with a serrated sword weapon. He overpowered Senpuujin and Gouraijin until Shurikenger gave Gouraijin the Kabuto Spear to kill off Unadaigo.

Love-Sickness Ninja Chupid

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Love-Sickness Ninja Chupid (恋煩い忍者チューピッド Koiwazurai Ninja Chūpiddo, 26): A mouse-themed chūnin robot armed with a crossbow. Chupid uses his trademark love arrows on a person, making them fall in love with the first person/thing they saw. Though it seemed non-harmful, Chupid's methods have a long-term effect that would render society asunder. He even made Isshuu Kasumi and Shurikenger fall in love with Nanami Nono. However, Isshu's blind love was strong enough to overcome Chupid's spell, impaling him with Stag Breaker. Windenu summons a Copy Giant to recreate Chupid. He uses his other Ninpou; "Knock-out Arrow", "Wildfire Arrow", and "Missile Arrow"; being killed by Tenkuu Gouraijin.

Brainwashing Ninja Jukukinoko

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Brainwashing Ninja Jukukinoko (洗脳忍者ジュクキノコ Sen'nō Ninja Jukukinoko, 34): A mushroom chūnin robot who loves Wendinu. He was summoned by Sargain for Wendinu to use in her "Wendinu Cram School" scheme, brainwashing the children into attacking the Rangers. However, once he defeated by the Triple Gadget, the kids return to normal. He was eventually revived by Wendinu via Copy Giant, fighting Gourai Senpuujin until the Revolver Mammoth arrived. Jukukinoko was destroyed by the Revolver Gourai Senpuujin. Sargain pitied his creation's misguided feelings for Wendinu.

Gliding Ninja Musasabistal

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Gliding Ninja Musasabistal (滑空忍者ムササビスタル Kakkū Ninja Musasabisutaru, 35): A flying squirrel robotic chūnin, created by Sargain without an AI of its own. Taking Musasabistal as a second body, Sargain uses amber-colored crystals to capture people to power the Musasabi Laser and incinerate the Earth. He was able to withstand the Victory Gadget, driving the Rangers away. However, once mastering the Ninjamisen, the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers use their sonic attacks to disrupt Musasabistal's guidance systems before Shurikenger scraps it with his own "Shuriken Sonic" technique. Sargain was blasted out of Musasabistal's cockpit as his victims were freed. Wendinu recreates the mecha, with Sargain using a remote control to maneuver his creation to tear down the city, only for it to be destroyed by Revolver Gourai Senpuujin.

Corrosion Ninja Fushokuruga

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Corrosion Ninja Fushokuruga (腐食忍者フショクルーガ Fushoku Ninja Fushokurūga, 39-40): Sargain's most powerful chūnin, moth-themed and able to release a corrosive powder from his wing scales. Due to his reforming ability upon being destroyed, all fatal attacks only increase the spread of his powder. The Rangers soon moved the fight to a mountainside where no one would be harmed. But once Shurikenger managed to nearly damage Fushokuruga's regeneration device, Sargain orders him leave the fight. Fushokuruga later resumed his attack, with the Rangers giving a protective antiseptic by Gozen to counter Fushokuruga's scales, but the spray has a freezing effect when the ninjas applied it on themselves. Shurikenger, who didn't put the powder on, saved them and managed to break Fushokuruga's regeneration device so the Victory Gadget could blast him to bits as his victims returned to normal. Fushokuruga was then rebuilt as a giant and killed by Revolver Gourai Senpuujin.

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