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"Ooh, you Rangers make me mad, waking me up with a rap that bad!"
―The Pumpkin Rapper's first words as he awakens after a terrible rap from the Power Rangers.[src]

"Well you think that's something you can do? Well I have some friends who'd like to meet you! Attack, now! Get 'em!"
―The Pumpkin Rapper commands a troop of pumpkin-headed Putties.[src]

"Be the first one on the block to feel the Mega Pumpkin Shock!"
―The Pumpkin Rapper, before electrocuting the Rangers with his Mega Pumpkin Shock.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha ho! Uh oh!"
―The Pumpkin Rapper's final words before his initial defeat, which are audible when he was hit by the Power Blaster.[src]

"Maybe you did but it’s time to get sad because, with Lord Zedd’s power, we’re back and we’re bad."
―The Pumpkin Rapper's first words upon being resurrected after Tommy commented that they thought that they turned him into squash.[src]

"Oo ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Pumpkin Rapper upon being enlarged.[src]

"I'm getting bored with tin-head Zords! We're gonna fight so say goodnight!"
―The Pumpkin Rapper when confronted by the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord.[src]

"Ya brats! What's with that?!"
―The Pumpkin Rapper reacting to the Thunder Megazord charging up it's Thunder Saber and his final words before his permanent destruction.[src]

The Pumpkin Rapper was (as his name implies) a rapping pumpkin monster who was the main antagonist of the episode "Trick or Treat" and the true main antagonist of the episode "Zedd's Monster Mash."


The Pumpkin Rapper was planted off-screen by Squatt and Baboo in a pumpkin patch, hidden amongst many other pumpkins. This was done thanks to some foresight from Goldar when he realized Halloween was approaching and approved by Rita once she realized that Kimberly had gone on a game show called "Trick or Treat." It took a full week for the monster to grow into a gigantic pumpkin, at which time Kimberly was on the game show, but this also caused all of the pumpkins to start visibly moving and allowed Zordon to detect him. The Power Rangers, Tommy (who had gone to a karate tournament and his powers being limited made him a last resort), deployed to the pumpkin patch only to have their heads trapped in pumpkins that were completely airtight. However, Kimberly (having not been trapped by the pumpkins because she hadn't handled them which was the only way to be trapped by them) ran over and destroyed the pumpkins with her Blade Blaster. The remaining pumpkins in the field then started flying before forming into Putties although these ones had pumpkins where their heads would be.

After defeating the horde, Billy then spied the gigantic pumpkin that was the Pumpkin Rapper and the Rangers woke him up with an utterly abysmal rap. Enraged, the Pumpkin Rapper called out their raps as terrible before summoning and sending out another horde of pumpkin-headed Putties to attack the Rangers. The Pumpkin Rapper spoke almost exclusively in rhyme and in beat like a rapper would. Once they were defeated, the Pumpkin Rapper attacked the Rangers by whipping their Blade Blasters from their hands with a vine and wrapping them up in a flowery vine, electrocuting them straight off their feet. However, Tommy was summoned and cut the vine with his Dragon Dagger before charging. The Pumpkin Rapper blasted him but Tommy was unaffected and grabbed the monster, restraining him long enough for the other Rangers to form the Power Blaster. Noticing this, Tommy referenced Terminator and jump kicked him away, causing him to throw a rage induced fit and allowed the Rangers to finish him off with a single devastating blast. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Trick or Treat

The Pumpkin Rapper was resurrected as one of the monsters in Doomstone's Haunted Forest to help him destroy Tommy and make the Power Rangers much weaker. After Goldar kidnapped Tommy, Doomstone revealed the Pumpkin Rapper and the Robogoat who grabbed his arms when he tried to morph and they snatched away his Morpher. However, Tommy easily kicked both monsters down as well as Doomstone before running whilst the trio pursued him so he ran forth and kicked them both just to get grabbed by the Robogoat so that the Pumpkin Rapper could kick him. However, he was unfazed and pulled out the Robogoat's leg from under him before running up the trunk of a tree and back-flipping off just to kick them down though Doomstone then threw him away through the air. Once Billy and Kimberly arrived, the Pumpkin Rapper held back and decided to provide some strange semblance of moral support. Whilst the army (consisting of the Robogoat, the Primator, the Rhinoblaster, the Invenusable Flytrap, and the Snizzard was largely unsuccessful, the Pumpkin Rapper remained off-screen and rapped about the defeats which left him the last monster standing. Shortly after that, the remaining three Rangers arrived at which point Zedd threw a Growth Bomb which enlarged the Pumpkin Rapper since he was the only competent monster left standing as he left the Haunted Forest. However, this also released the Power Rangers as well who summoned the Thunder Megazord and the White Tigerzord. Annoyed by how the party was a flop, the Pumpkin Rapper charged but was blasted back by a barrage of White Tiger Thunderbolts although he quickly recovered. Angered further, he summoned pumpkin bombs and tossed them hard enough to wipe out the Thunder Megazord but the White Tigerzord wasn't hit and punched him to the ground. With a moment to breath, the Thunder Megazord pulled out and ignited the Thunder Saber which intimidated the Pumpkin Rapper right before he was destroyed by it. As the Thunder Megazord turned and sheathed the Thunder Saber, the Pumpkin Rapper spun on the spot twice before flailing as he fell on his back and exploded. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Zedd's Monster Mash

Four years later, the Pumpkin Rapper appeared again helping Zedd and Rita conquer the Vica Galaxy. He was probably re-created by Finster since growing him from scratch would probably take too long. He was destroyed once and for all when Zordon's Energy Wave turned him to dust. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


True to his name, the Pumpkin Rapper was a rapper that always sings in a rap-like tone and speaks almost exclusively in rhyme. Overall, his personality was similar to that of a DJ, always hip and ready for action.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: The Pumpkin Rapper was able to knock all of the Rangers' Blade Blasters from their hands with a single swing of a vine.
  • Pumpkin Headed Putties Summoning: The Pumpkin Rapper can summon an army of Putties with pumpkins on their heads to aid him.
  • Eye Energy Rings: The Pumpkin Rapper can fire light pink colored energy rings from his eye.
  • Pumpkin Bombs: The Pumpkin Rapper can summon mini-pumpkin bombs from orange energy into his hands which he would then throw forth. Two of them took down the Thunder Megazord.


  • Vines: Pumpkin Rapper possessed a long dark green vine that he could use to whip away the Rangers' weapons.
  • Flower Vine: Pumpkin Rapper could conjure a long green flower vine to ensnare opponents.
    • Mega Pumpkin Shock: Pumpkin Rapper could also power up the Flower Vines with blue and yellow electricity to harm his targets.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Pumpkin Rapper was voiced by Michael Sorich who also voiced Squatt and the Hate Master.
    • Coincidentally, both the Pumpkin Rapper and the Hate Master were the only rhyming monsters in the series and had the exact same voice.


  • The Pumpkin Rapper, while nowadays listed among some of the most iconic monsters from Mighty Morphin alongside King Sphinx, Mighty Minotaur, Pudgy Pig, and Eye Guy, he has also been cited as one of the most ridiculous monsters of all time, specifically because his rapping nature feels like the writers' trying to be hip with the kids (especially due to the popularity of rap music and artists such as Snoop Dogg, The Notorious B.I.G., and Tupac Shakur around the time his debut episode first aired in May 1994).
    • Despite this, and unknown to most people who are aware of his infamy, it turns out that the Pumpkin Rapper only actually speaks six times in "Trick or Treat" which makes up a total of sixteen sentences, ninety three words, and four hundred and fifty four characters.


  • The Pumpkin Rapper is the very first monster in the franchise to return as an actual threat to the Rangers.
    • Although the Pudgy Pig is technically the very first monster monster to make a return appearance, the 2nd version was merely hungry and not evil who posed a minimal threat to the Rangers, being overshadowed by Goldar.
  • Pumpkin Rapper is the first of two MMPR monsters to only speak in raps and rhymes, the second being Hate Master.
  • The Pumpkin Rapper comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
    • Fans consider him to be one of the most iconic Zyu2 monsters, primarily due to the character's ridiculous appearance and behavior.
  • The Pumpkin Rapper originally had a Zord fight but it was likely omitted for time although it was later used in "Zedd's Monster Mash" (albeit with the shots of the Dinozords cut out).
    • In the original Zord footage, he was destroyed by the Dino Megazord's Power Sword downward slash. The remnants of this can still be seen in his Zord fight as he is clearly struck down by a small red energy slash.
  • A lesser known aspect of this monster is that his first words were technically “All that droppin’ is all about the hoppin’" when the Rangers looked at him on the Viewing Globe.
    • However, how accurate this statement is could be debated since said footage appears before the monster awakened and is likely stock footage from an apparent past encounter.
      • It's also debatable whether this is what he even actually said because the delivery was that garbled.
  • The Pumpkin Rapper only said a single line out of rhyme, said line being "attack now, get 'em" when he commanded the Pumpkin Putties to attack the Power Rangers.



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