"The Jury was rigged!"
―Pumpkin Judges after relizing that the Jury was rigged and now relizing that Scumlaw has cheated.[src]
Jack-o'lantern Judges

Jack-o-'lantern Judges

The Pumpkin Judges are the heads of the Halloween Intergalactic Court.


The Pumpkin Judges presided over the trial of the Dino Charge Rangers with Scumlaw as the prosecutor. The Pumpkin Judges explaining the rules of the court. If the Rangers accumulate ten strikes which each one is earned being earned for being found guilty of a crime, they will be destroyed. As the trial progressed, the Pumpkin Judges kept telling the Rangers to be quiet when they speak out against the testimonies. When Kendall Morgan exposed Poisandra, Curio, and the Vivix as the jury, the Pumpkin Judges find Scumlaw guilty of jury tampering while the Rangers are found innocent on all counts. Scumlaw teleports away with the Rangers promising to the judges that they will deal with him.Trick or Trial

The Pumpkin Judges later presided over the trial of the Gruesome Grunts who secretly swapped bodies with the Ninja Steel Rangers. During this time, it is shown that the Pumpkin Judges have their own Barbershop Quartet. After Mick Kanic posed as Versix and exposed the Gruesome Grunt's body-swapping trick, the Gruesome Grunts try to flee but the Court Witch freezes them and the Pumpkin Judges ordered her to undo the spell. The Pumpkin Judges preceded to destroy the Gruesome Grunts while the Rangers went after Versix and destroy him. Mick later posed as one of the Pumpkin Judges to do a Halloween trick on the Rangers.Monster Mix Up


True to their names, they act just like judges.

Behind the secnes



  • The way that all three of the Pumpkin Judges speak at the same time is very similar to The Delightful Children From Down The Line, one of the antagonist of the animimated Cartoon Network show, Code Name Kids Next Door.
  • In Monster Mix Up it's revealed that the Judges were part of a Barbershop Quartet. It's unknown who the 4th member was.
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