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"He he he he he! I'm hungry!"
―The Pudgy Pig's first words upon being created.[src]

"Whoa! Whoa!"
―The Pudgy Pig reacting to the Power Blaster and his final words before his destruction.[src]


Pudgy Pig was a ravenous pig monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Food Fight."

To this day, Pudgy Pig is considered arguably among the most well known monsters in the whole franchise, alongside others such as King Sphinx and the Pumpkin Rapper.

Character History

Pudgy Pig is created by Finster after Rita asks him for a pig capable of consuming all of the food on Earth. Finster stated that pig is not his best work before Rita then sends him to Earth where he attacks the Angel Grove Youth Center which is holding a foot festival for charity. Pudgy Pig possesses an insatiable appetite and is bent on consuming abnormal amounts of food. Zordon counts that he could eat all food on Earth in forty eight hours. The Pudgy Pig eventually finds his way onto a rooftop where he encounters the Rangers. However, they cannot defeat him and he swallows their Power Weapons before sending them into a vortex which spits them out unmorphed in Angel Grove Park. Disgraced, the Rangers are worried that they will be unable to destroy him but they see he did not like spicy food as he did not touch it on the Festival when they return there. They then find out that he has been seen in the industrial district so they morph and deploy there with an arsenal of food, Trini holding a spicy radish. They trick him with some regular food before putting the radish into a sandwich which he ate. The resulting reaction makes him puke up all of the food and the Power Weapons and also causing his sides to cave in. Now re-armed, the Rangers take down Pudgy Pig with a series of slashes from their Power Weapons, Jason landing the final blow with his Power Sword, and use the Power Blaster to destroy Pudgy Pig who falls flat on his back before exploding. For whatever reason, Rita decided not to enlarge Pudgy Pig. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Food Fight


Some time later when the Rangers are sent to the Island of Illusion, they are assaulted by illusions of monsters they had already defeated, including Pudgy Pig. But they disappear and do not harm anyone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Island of Illusion

Later, Rita decides to create a second Pudgy Pig to distract the Power Rangers whilst Goldar attacks the city as a giant. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Pig Surprise

Pudgy Pig is briefly mentioned by Zack in regards to Lord Zedd's own brand of monsters. The exact line was "I got a feeling it ain't Pudgy Pig". Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Mutiny


The first Pudgy Pig was a ravenous and unsympathetic monster with a massive appetite and extremely violent and slap happy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Whirling Vortex: Pudgy Pig could fire a white vortex from his nostrils that can demorph the Rangers and send them back to the Youth Center.


  • Strength: Despite his comical aptitude, Pudgy Pig possessed a formidable amount of strength, capable of taking the Rangers with single slashes of his trotters to each of them.
  • Durability: Pudgy Pig was mostly unfazed by the Power Weapons within him didn't injure him and it took jump strikes from all five of the Power Weapons just to knock him down.
  • Unlimited Appetite: Pudgy Pig was always hungry and ready to eat anything.
  • Consumption: Pudgy Pig could eat anything, including a bin and the Power Weapons.


  • Spicy Food: Pudgy Pig could eat anything except for spicy foods. This was due to having a colossally weak stomach that made vomit up his meals and collapsed his sides inwards to crippling effect.


  • Trotters: Pudgy Pig had razor sharp trotters sharp enough to use in combat to slash his enemies with.

Behind the Scenes


  • Pudgy Pig was voiced by Dave Mallow who gave him a similar voice to that of the Twin Man (despite the latter having apparently been voiced by Bryan Cranston and not Mallow).


  • He is based on a pig and wears a helmet based on the Trojan warriors of old.


  • His alliterative name alludes to his gluttonous nature and that he is a big.


  • Pudgy Pig was the very first monster in the Power Rangers franchise to make a return appearance in a different episode.
  • In Zyuranger, Witch Bandora (Rita's counterpart) was having a severe case of lymphoma and wanted to consume all food on Earth out of spite.
    • This is important because she tried to enlarge Dora Circe with her wand but collapsed before she could throw it which is why the Pudgy Pig was not enlarged.
  • Pudgy Pig was the second of several monsters sent by Rita Repulsa to never enlarge. Bones was the first, the Terror Toad was the third, followed by Snizzard, Madame Woe, Rockstar, and Twin Man.
  • Neither version of Pudgy Pig or their counterpart used the giant knife and fork seen above. They were only seen when the original was created and then never seen again.
    • Unlike the other monsters, there was a reason in Zyuranger why he was not grown. The reason for Bandora wanting to get rid of all food on Earth was because she was not eating and she fell over when she tried to revive Dora Circe, being unable to make him giant.
  • Pudgy Pig was one of two Megazord bosses in the Tiger Electronics Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers LCD game. The other is Turkey Jerk.
    • Ironically, neither fought the Megazord in the actual show.


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