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Pua Magasiva (August 10, 1980 - May 11, 2019) was a Samoan-New Zealand actor who played Shane Clarke in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. He reprised this role in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, appearing in the two-part crossover episode Thunder Storm. He was discovered dead in his Wellington, New Zealand home on May 11, 2019. He was only 38 years old. His cause of death was revealed to be suicide.

This makes him the fourth youngest cast member of any Power Rangers series, as well as the first male actor (and third overall) to portray a Power Ranger to pass away. He is survived by his wife Lizz Sadler and their two children.




  • "Diplomatic Immunity (2009) The Niu (Ep. 6)
  • "Power Rangers Dino Thunder"
    • Thunder Storm: Part 2 (2004) .... Shane Clarke/Red Wind Ranger
    • Thunder Storm: Part 1 (2004) .... Shane Clarke/Red Wind Ranger
  • "What Now?"
    • Episode #23.2 (2004) .... Himself
  • "Shortland Street" (1992) TV Series .... Nurse Vinnie Kruse (2003-2006, 2011-)
  • "Power Rangers Ninja Storm" (2003) .... Shane Clarke/Red Wind Ranger
  • "Revelations: The Initial Journey"
    • Unfinished Business (2002)...Greg
  • "Aroha"
    • Haka & Siva (2001)...Siva

Video Games

  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) .... Red Ranger
  • Power Rangers Super Legends (2007) .... Ninja Storm Red Ranger


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