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Power Dino #6 Pteravolt (프테라볼트 Peuterabolteu) is the Pteranodon-themed Power Dino that is partnered with Brave Gold Dino. It is successor to Zyudenryu Pteragordon.

In the Japanese dub, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave, this mecha is called Pteravolton (プテラボルトン Puteraboruton).[1]


Once inserted with his Dinocell, Pteravolt can summon rumbling clouds filed with lighning bolts and capable of using them to attack his enemy in all directions.


Juhyeok rendezvoused with Neo Deboth Army's ship in Pteravolt to offer his service as a space mercenary to Deizarus. King 3: Gabugaburincho, We're a Team!

Forming Brave Raiden TyrannoKing a second time, the Dino Force Brave destroyed the enlarged Tsuraira with the Dino Sword Lightning Brave Finish. King 7: Advent! The Commander of Neo Deboth!

Pteravolt allowed Brave Red Dino to ride it so he could save Juhyeok from Weihab. King 9: I'll show you! The Largest Combination of the Strongest!

Juhyeok made his way to Neo Deboth again on Pteravolt in order to rescue Juyong from Deizarus. King 10: Farewell! Brave Gold Dino


Brave PteraKing

Brave PteraKing (브레이브 프테라킹 Beureibeu Peuteraking) is the robo state of Pteragordon, known as "Pteragordon's strongest form".

Brave PteraKing is very sleek compared to Brave TyrannoKing, and because of this, it is a good deal faster, and can deal out a lot of damage in a hurry with its cutter arm blades. However, because of Brave PteraKing's lithe frame, it cannot take a lot of damage. Also, it is somewhat weaker than TyrannoKing.

In the Japanese dub, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave, it's called Brave Pteraiden-Oh (ブレイブプテライデンオー Bureibu Puteraidenō).

Brave RaidenKing

Brave Raiden TyrannoKing (브레이브 라이덴 티라노킹 Beureibeu Raiden TiranoKing) is the combination between PteraKing and TyrannoKing.

The majority of PteraKing is formed back into Pteravolt and placed on TyrannoKing's back, except the head, where it replaces TyrannoKing's standard helmet.

Armed with the power of flight from the Pteravolt wings, RaidenKing is peerless in the sky, now able to fight in the air without having to sacrifice strength in order to do so.

In the Japanese dub, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave, it's called Brave Raiden Kyoryuzin (ブレイブライデンキョウリュウジン Bureibu Raiden Kyōryūjin).



Pteravolton Zyudenchi

Pteravolt Dinocell

6. Pteravolt - Golden Dinocells holding the spirit of the Pteranodon; used mainly by Brave Gold Dino.

Behind the scenes


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All of the Power Dinos/Dinocells sport a name that is a portmanteau between their effect/motif and their respective animal name, Pteravolt is a portmanteau of Pteranodon and Volt.

RaidenKing's name contains the word "Raiden" (雷電), which means "Thunder and Lightning". This ties in with the electric naming schemes most of the Dino Force Brave's gear follow.



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  1. The lyrics of the ending credits in Kyoryuger Brave provide the name in katakana.
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