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Pterano Mozoo (テラノモズー Terano Mozū, 25) is the pteranodon-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

Flapped around at the headquarters of evil. First fight with Goggle Red. After fighting with Goggle Red helped to hatch Pteranos. Second attack was against Goggle Yellow. The cavalry saved Goggle Yellow from being a chard Goggle Yellow.He threw Missiles at four Goggle V members in the Cougar. Goggle Red and Pterano Mozoo fought all the way to the eggs. Goggle Red made Pterano attack the eggs under ground with his own fire breath. In which he destroyed the hatchlings. After Pterano was breathing fire at Goggle V used a spray cannon (combining there swords) to extinguish the fire. Then Goggle V went airborne to take down Pterano Mozoo. Pterano Mozoo vs, Goggle V ended with Goggle Victory Flash, before Pterano Kong came on the battlefield. Finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.


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He can fly, emit flames from his mouth, create hurricane winds from his wings, and can throw egg grenades.

Behind the Scenes

Concept art


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