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PteranoTelevigin (テラノTVギン Teranoteribigin) (43) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperial Army Zone, combining attributes of a pteranodon-like Galactic Warrior and a television.

Character History

PteranoTelevigin is created by Dongoros as a means to manipulate people who watch television, particularly real couch potatoes, by transforming their TVs into Devil Televisions that force them to keep watching regardless of them trying to escape. One Devil Television in particular becomes a torment to a boy trying to break his TV habit with Fumiya's assistance, ultimately being chased around while Fiveman has a hard time fighting the Combined Galactic Warrior due to Zone using the TV in the monster to attack without appearing on the field. The boy's Devil Television is finally stopped when he and several others all dress up in baseball uniforms and spin around without stop, making it confused and dizzy before ultimately exploding. With the main TV threat dealt with, Fumiya defeats PteranoTelevigin with his Five Tector. After Dongoros uses Gorlin #35 to grow the monster, it causes problems for Fiveman and Star Five, primarily after it briefly summons the Black Gorlin for combat, before they use a jamming frequency to change the broadcast into Dongoros acting like a fool. Distracted, Fiveman destroy the TV and then defeat the Combined Galactic Warrior with Super FiveRobo.



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  • It has the abilities of a pteranodon such as flight; but its main ability involves the control and manipulation of televisions, namely in emitting a signal that can turn normal TVs into "Devil Televisions" which come alive, gain humanoid bodies and continue to broadcast Zone propaganda to force upon people; anyone who tries to escape from their Devil Television will be chased until they're forced to keep watching TV. The television within its center can likewise broadcast attacks from a distance (allowing Zone to attack Fiveman without leaving Vulgyre base) or teleport combatants to assist in its battles.

Behind the Scenes


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