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The Psyma Zone (Saima Zōn) (31-39) is a terrain created by Dragon Dark King Salamandes using the power of the Dark King Star on his chest. It serves as a battlefield for giant Psyma Beasts to gain an advantage over the GoGoFive mecha due to the fact the Victory Robo, LinerBoy and Max Victory Robo require solar energy to function and when the zone is active, they are completely cut off thus making them effectively useless in battle. At the same time, the power of the Psyma beasts increases Ten fold and also allows the Imps to grow giant size. Victory Mars is the only mecha that can fight effectively in this field since it uses different technology that allows it to function and fight without the need of solar energy.

This concept originally began in Episode 30 when Salamandes used the power of his Dark King Star to create a dark energy field around Max Victory Robo to cut off its solar power to prevent it from destroying the giant asteroid Grandeo with Max Nova which Grandiene had sent, but the Psyma Zone was first fully introduced in the battle against Vacuuma.

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