This article is about a/an dimension in Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive.

The Psyma Road (サイマ道路 Saima Dōro) is an extra-dimensional space where the Psyma Family reside during their time invading in and around Earth. Although the Psyma are originally from space, their Psyma Paradico palace resides within this alternate dimension and it is in this dimension where the Psyma plot and scheme; it is also here where Grand Witch Grandiene ultimately returns to after her incomplete summoning which was interrupted by GoGoFive and Professor Mondo Tatsumi. Though distorted, it also has harsh weather conditions such as snow and winds when going up the mountain to the Psyma palace.

As Grandiene prepared to take matters in her own hands without the need for her family, she forces Beast Baron Cobolda to lure GoGoFive to an entrance to the Psyma Road located in the torch cauldron of Tokyo's Olympic Stadium, leading to the capture of four members of the Tatsumi family as well as the deaths of Cobolda and Dark King Zylpheeza. Force to pursue after them, Matoi Tatsumi flies into the dimension and defeats Grandiene within the Psyma Paradico, freeing his siblings and allowing for their escape. Grandiene likewise escapes from the dimension; but never returns due to her defeat by GoGoFive at this time and subsequent fusing with the Minus Energy of the main universe, preventing any further need for her former palace or the Psyma dimension.Ep. 48: The Showdown is at Psyma Paradico

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