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Demon Palace Psyma Paradico (魔宮サイマパラディコ Makū Saima Paradeiko) is the large palace headquarters of the Psyma Family. It is located within the dimension known as the "Psyma Road", a realm only reachable through a dimensional nexus which existed within the flame cauldron for the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, site of the 1964 Summer Olympic Games. Within the realm are several large rooms, including a meeting room where the Psyma Family plots the collection of Minus Energy and the spell gate by which Spell-Master Pierre summons Psyma Beasts from within the spiritual realm. After she is summoned to Earth, Grand Witch Grandiene lives within as well in her own chamber; she likewise has her own personal throne room after her body is fully restored near the end.

GoGoFive do not know of the path to Psyma Paradico until they are lured into the dimensional gate in a final plot by Grandiene to eliminate both them and her remaining children as her first act after finally restoring her own body with Minus Energy. Matoi Tatsumi ultimately traverses the Psyma Road to the palace and defeats Grandiene within, both freeing his family and expelling them and a weakening Grandiene out of the castle and back into the real world. The castle becomes abandoned after this due to GoGoFive appearing to destroy Grandiene, even if it merely destroys her physical body while merging her conscious with the Minus Energy of the universe.Ep. 48: The Showdown is at Psyma Paradico

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