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This article is about a/an ranger in the Power Rangers comic sub-franchise by Boom! Studios.

Character History

Astronema created the Psycho Rangers, including Yellow, from individuals she destroyed and used as raw materials. Dark Specter gave her the ability to do so. After "making" them. They became staunchly loyal to their "mother". Power Rangers: The Psycho Path

As the Yellow Psycho Ranger, Yellow followed her original timeline until the Shattered Grid event.

Karone gave her the name Yellow.


Yellow is analytical, logical, and calm, mostly taking things in stride, but being careful to withhold judgment until she better understands a situation. She can be quite playful when testing out weaponry, indicating that she has a passion for building new weapons and technology. However, she is not very trusting, as she may have felt love for Karone, but was intelligent enough not to trust her at the time. Yellow possesses the most disregard for her sense of identity, refusing to take an individual name beyond her Ranger color, but is easily the most objective and intelligent of her team. 

Ranger form



  • Psycho Sling
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