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"Space Ninjitsu, Cicada Transfer."
―Propagation Ninja Kuttukuhoushi's first words when attacking a bunch of people in the city.[src]

"Huricanger? All right. Bastard go, go."
―Kuttukuhoushi when confronted by Nanami and Kouta.[src]

"My spell stopped..."
―Kuttukuhoushi's final words before his lifespan ended.[src]

"I died because my life was up, but I'm gonna show my real strength this time!"
―Kuttukuhoushi after being enlarged.[src]

"Cicada cicada cicada!"
―Propagation Ninja Kuttukuhoushi reacting to Senpuujin and his final words (which he pronounces sick-ah-da) before his death.[src]

Propagation Ninja Kuttukuhoushi (繁殖忍者クッツク法師 Hanshokunin Kuttukuhoushi, 9, 25, Movie):


A Cicada Chunin working under Chuuzubo who used his "Space Ninpou: Cicada Transfer" to take 100 to begin the pupalation ceremony to overrun the world with cicadas and obtain "it". However, Kuttukuhoushi had a short lifespan and died before he succeeded due to all the lollygagging around he had been doing, falling flat on his side and lifeless whilst his effects were nullified and his victims were freed. He was revived by Wendinu's bazooka at which point they formed Senpuujin which he tried to kick to pieces but they punched him down. They then summoned the Sword Slasher and killed him with it's Copy Illusion Slash which tore him apart.

Once resurrected by Vamp-Iyan, Kuttukuhoushi attacked Hakata until Vamp's death forced Kuttukuhoushi back to the afterlife.


concept art

  • Although Kuttukuhoushi was adapted into Power Rangers Ninja Storm, only footage from his second appearance was used in The Samurai's Journey-part III."
    • This was probably because there was little actual footage of him in his debut episode (since the episode was focused more on a fight between Hurricane Red and KuwagaRaiger rather than a threat of the day battle).
      • Not counting his Zord fight (which wasn't used in Power Rangers anyway), only about ninty seconds exist of him and only about a minute could be used for American purposes sionce he was mainly around Japanese people so Disney opted not to adapt Scroll 9.


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