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Prometheus' Stone

  • Hazard Level: 60

Prometheus' Stone (プロメテウスの石 Purometeusu no Ishi) is a strange sentient stone that was originally found within the salty waters of the Aegean Sea, it weirdly possesses an Osakan accent due to spending all of it's time after discovery in SGS's Osaka branch. Due to it's rash personality, it can easily become angered, to the point that it will explode if angry enough destroying everything within a one kilometer radius. When the Boukengers are presented with the stone, they are forced to keep it happy while trying to figure out a way to prevent it's explosion. Embarrasing themselves with various costumes and performances inspired by Morio, Souta discovers that the only way to keep it from exploding is with the salt of the Aegean, which they force Zubaan to get on an errand. Ultimately, the stone's attempt to show a pratfall sets it off, with the Boukengers deciding to hold on and go out as a team just as Zubaan arrives in time with the salt. Yet with the countdown complete, the stone reveals it was all a test set up by Morio to test their teamwork skills and devotion to their job. Task 39: The Prometheus Stone

Prometheus' Stone is voiced by Mitsuaki Madono.

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