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Professor Tatsumi is the father of the Tatsumi siblings and husband of Ritsuko Tatsumi, as well as the creator of the GoGo-V suits, mecha and weapons.


Prof. Tatsumi inside the control room of Bay Area 55

Years before, he predicted the invasion of the Psyma Family  but no one believed him. Forced into exile and ridiculed by the elite scientific community, he secretly developed the GoGo-V technology.

He at one time he was rival with his children's superior, Kenji Inui, the two tried to out do each other in everything from on the job assignments to women and sports. Two even fought over who will be in charge of the Rescue Task Force, causing chaos in the team. Of course it ended up that Doctor Tatsumi will be giving out the orders in the team. Doctor Tatsumi has also built an undersea base in the bay which has all kinds of weapons and mecha for the team to use, known as Bay/Area55.

To save the earth and the human race he pays the heavy price of losing his family. Years later he has to convince his kids to help him out with his cause, kids that are bitter and angry towards a father whom they believed died years before. Now they believe he abandoned them and their mother years before even if it were to create an elite team that would save the world. One time to try and show his love for his kids he even wears the prototype Anti-Hazard suit to save his children from the Psyma Family.

In the finale, Mondo was thought to have been killed alongside his rival when BayArea55 sank beneath the sea from the massive floods caused by Grandiene, but both men had survived and Mondo now lives happily with his family. However, Mondo briefly went out of retirement to prepare the GoGo-V equipment, when he detected Pierre's minus energy. Mondo was instrumental in working with the TimeRangers robotic assistant Navigation Robo Tac, in bringing both teams back to the present when they were transported across time due to Pierre's magic as well as bringing the GoGo Five's mecha from the past to the present with the TimeRanger's time travel technology, to help destroy PierreBori.

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Mondo Tatsumi was portrayed by Mike Maki (マイク 真木 Maiku Maki). As a child, he was portrayed by Ryota Saikaku (西角遼太 Saikaku Ryōta).


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