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"Monsters, attack!"
―Professor Longnose's first words when the Alien Rangers arrived and ordering his monsters to attack.[src]

"Enough of this! Time to grow!"
―Professor Longnose when ordering the growth on him and his monster army.[src]

"You think you're tough huh?! Well I'm tougher! CHARGE!"
―Professor Longnose reacting to the Shogun Megazord before charging at it and his final words before his demise.[src]

Professor Longnose was Master Vile's field general that serves as the main antagonist of the second part of the episode "Alien Rangers of Aquitar".


Professor Longnose was away conquering a "Dark Galaxy Star" at the time of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3. He was summoned by his master to lead "the war to end all wars" after Vile realized that the Alien Rangers had arrived on Earth to defend it and an attack from Rito, Goldar and the Tengas failed. Longnose led five monsters into battle. They met the Alien Rangers in combat in the quarry and were pretty evenly matched until Longnose made them grow. The Alien Rangers summoned their Battle Borgs which were more than a match for the monsters, throwing them all down in front of Longnose. Tommy then ordered Delphine to summon the Shogunzords and they swiftly formed the Shogun Megazord. Longnose bravely charged at the Megazord but was slain by the Shogun Megazord as he was swinging around and bright yellow light was shown by his side and he fell on his back and exploded as his hat flew away and his army disappearing right after.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Battle Fan: Professor Longnose can be seen wielding a red battle fan at times but never actually fights with it.

Behind the Scenes



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  • In spite of being Master Vile's field general, Professor Longnose never demonstrates any powers aside from summoning the growth lightning and is easily one of the weakest monsters in the entire Zordon Era.
  • Professor Longnose is the final monster used by Master Vile who left for Gamma Vile for good in light of his destruction.
  • Like the Tengu Warriors from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and their counterparts from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3, the Tenga Warriors, Professor Longnose is also based on the Tengu, a creature that is part of Japanese mythology.
  • In Kakuranger, Longnose's counterpart was able to generate illusions of past, deceased Yokai.
    • His powers of illusion is also why the monsters just vanish instead of trying to fight the Shogun Megazord.
  • He is one of Kakuranger's monsters that does not appear in American footages.


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