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Professor Hanzou Igarashi (五十嵐 半蔵博士 Igarashi Hanzō Hakase, 29): Archeologist, well known for being the only known researcher of the most ancient civilization known, Lemuria, as well as one of the only two men who can read Lemurian, the other one being Ryuuwon. Despises SGS for its "ambition", and treasure hunters because of the destruction of many ruins at their hands in search of Precious. Has been searching for the last known Precious of the Lemurian civilization: "The Egg of Lemuria" and "The Golden Sword". Acknowledges Satoru when the Sword lets him wield it as only the right-hearted can touch "The Golden Sword". Portrayed by Mansaku Fuwa (不破 万作 Fuwa Mansaku).

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