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"No cheating, Red."
―Professor Cog's first lines to Scott Truman before their duel[src]
"Rangers! It's your turn! Electro turbines!"
―Professor Cog confronting Scott and Jayden and his final words before his initital destruction.[src]
"Ah ha! Back on Earth! Phase one of the plan is complete! I arrived undetected but the best is yet to come! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
―Professor Cog upon returning to our world three years later.[src]
"I said fight me, I didn't say win!"
―Professor Cog's final words before his permanent destruction.[src]

Professor Cog was a robot from the universe where Corinth was, as seen in Power Rangers RPM and was the main antagonist of the special Power Rangers Samurai movie "Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie" and the RPM tribute episode "In the Driver's Seat."

Character History


Professor Cog was first seen fighting the SkyRev Megazord in a duel which he seemed to lose but it was revealed that he used a dog shield to shield himself and fled. Cog and an army of Grinders escaped to the other dimension to seek help from Master Xandred in order to gather toxic Sanzu River water for Venjix to use to fatally poison all of Corinth. He says that he will help them in exchange for taking down the Samurai Rangers so he was teamed up with Sergeant Tread. His mission was either to kill the Rangers or, at the very least, delay them until General Gut's Mooger army could attack the city. Scott Truman followed Professor Cog to the other dimension. When Professor Cog attacks Scott, the Samurai Rangers joined the fight. Professor Cog then sends the other Samurai Rangers into a vortex leading to Professor Cog's world while Professor Cog's Hypno-Bolts start to kick in on both Red Rangers causing them to fight. When the Hypno-Bolts kick in, Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread watch Jayden and Scott duel each other. After the effects of the Hypno-Bolts were negated thanks to Mentor Ji giving them a special seal, Jayden and Scott then fought Professor Cog who sends Sergeant Tread to attack. After knocking down Sergeant Tread, Jayden and Scott fight Professor Cog, easily overwhelming him with Shark Attack Mode and Super Samurai Mode, until the other Rangers returned. With help from the other Samurai Rangers, Scott Truman and Jayden managed to destroy Professor Cog and Sergeant Tread by energy slashing him with five of the Rangers whilst rapidly shooting him with Scott's Nitro Blaster and Cog was given an almighty double energy slash with Scott reminding Professor Cog that he had promised to hunt down and stop him earlier during their duel. Clash of the Red Rangers

Super Megaforce

Three years later, he was somehow rebuilt. He frees the Turbo Falcon Zord from holding, thus triggering a distress signal to the Mega Rangers that led them out to the universe of the domed city of Corinth. By the time the Mega Rangers find out this is a trap, Cog attacks Earth. This put him in the crosshairs of Prince Vekar and his X-Borgs and a brawl erupts. Cog and Vekar battle until to their shock, the Rangers make it back at which point Cog, the Grinders, and the Armada team up to try and destroy the Rangers. He battles the Super Mega Rangers who morph into their RPM powers and defeat the henchmen before overpowering the good Professor with the signature attacks from the RPM Rangers, Dog finally being knocked down by the Street Saber Strike They then summoned the Super Mega Cannon and took him down with a Super Mega Blast. The Professor survived however and, much to theirs and the Armada’s surprise, grows without the Maximizer. Unfortunately for Cog, the Rangers combined with the Turbo Falcon Zord to form the Legendary RPM Megazord. The new Megazord easily overpowered Professor Cog and, with the Legendary RPM Grand Prix final attack, he was destroyed once and for all. In the Driver's Seat


Professor Cog was a ruthless, callous, arrogant, and sadistic Attack Bot that will stop at nothing to destroy Earth, all the for the sake of his masters, Venjix, and later Master Xandred. In spite of his brutish personality, he is also quite deceptive and cunning, being able to trick the Red RPM Ranger with ease in battle.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Professor Cog is shown to be quite powerful, strong enough to take out the SkyRev Megazord with ease.
  • Durability: Professor Cog is easily one of the most durable enemies ever faced in the entire franchise, surviving his initial destruction by the Samurai Rangers and being able to return to our world two years later after being rebuilt as well as surviving the Super Mega Cannon's Super Mega Blast with little more than a scratch.
  • Gap Teleportation: Professor Cog can teleport through gaps like the Nighloks since he managed to reach Xandred on his ship.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Professor Cog can hold his own in battle against Scott Truman and all five Samurai Rangers very easily.
  • Chest Lasers: From the Gatling gun located on his chest, he can fire a barrage of red colored energy lasers, they are shown to be powerful enough to take out the SkyRev Megazord.
  • Earthquake: By slamming his foot to the ground, he can cause an earthquake.
  • Lightning Vision: Professor Cog can fire red lightning beams from his three eyes.
  • Sergeant Tread Summoning: As seen after he sent away five Samurai Rangers and brainwashed Jayden and Scott, Cog can summon his right hand man just by saying his name and snapping his fingers.
  • Electro Turbines: Professor Cog's signature attack where he will spin the gears around and launch gears made of orange energy at the enemy where they will spin around him in a massive circle and strike every enemy until they are knocked down. This took down all seven Rangers with just a handful of hits.
    • Sprocket Spiral: When fighting the the Super Mega Rangers, Cog's electro turbine ability was shown to be enhanced since the gears were now almost transparent and were now more powerful, taking down all six Rangers with a single blast instead of the multiple ones it took before.
  • Hypno-Bolts: Professor Cog can fire a barrage of screw bolts from his chest the same way he fires the energy lasers, but once they hit on contact with the enemies, it will make them turn against each other.
  • Enlarging: During his battle against the Super Mega Rangers, Professor Cog was able to grow himself into a giant by concentrating his remaining energy into himself. This did not require the use of the Maximizer. Why he didn't do this in Samurai is unclear as he was giant during his first scene of the Movie where he fought Scott in the SkyRev Megazord.


  • Screwdriver Lance: When in battle, Professor Cog can equip a screwdriver-like lance over his right arm for combat.
    • Vector Vortex: From his lance, he can launch a light purple fire, that when hit on contact will turn into a vortex that can suck anyone up and and have them sent to the RPM world.
    • Energy Laser: Professor Cog can fire a small red energy laser from his screwdriver lance that is so powerful that it took the combined power of the Turbo Cannon and Rocket Booster to counter it.
  • Left Wrench Arm: Professor Cog also has a wrench on his left arm for combat.
  • Magnet Shield: Professor Cog also carries a gear-like shield, which is strong enough to over come the fire power of the SkyRev Megazord.
  • Cog Gun: Professor Cog can equip himself with a large machine like gun when in combat. This was only seen when he was dueling Scott in the SkyRev Megazord.

Behind the scenes



  • If one looks closely, one can see that Professor Cog has glasses.
  • His design differs in his two appearances, having a screwdriver on his left and a wrench on his right hand in Clash of the Red Rangers, and vice versa in In the Driver's Seat.
    • This is due to fact that the different designs of Professor Cog are separate Sentai counterparts (the one from Gokaiger / Super Megaforce being the "son" of the original).
  • It is assumed that Cog was grown by Venjix during the initial encounter against Scott and he couldn't grow himself which is why he was destroyed and didn't grow. And then, along with his upgrades, he was able to grow himself due to the power boost.
    • His Shinkenger counterpart was able to make himself grow along with Tread's counterpart and they had a Zord battle but that had to be cut because all of the RPM Rangers and thier Zords were in the battle but not this episode.
      • This Zord fight would have probably been adapted if not for the issues with the Screen Actors Guild.
  • Cog is the only villain that fought against both the Samurai and Mega Rangers.
    • He was the only villain from the RPM dimension that managed to get in the main universe.
    • He is also the only villain from the RPM universe to not appear in the series-run.
  • Also, despite being from the world of RPM, he is seen fighting on-screen with only Scott due to Scott being the only RPM Ranger to appear in Clash of the Red Rangers. Professor Cog is presumably a creation of the Venjix Computer Network that survived Venjix's apparent demise.
  • Chronologically, Professor Cog is the fourth general of Venjix to die.


Main article: List of Professor Cog's appearances

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