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"You're all free to go now!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Prisonable (プリズナブル Purizunaburu) is one of the Players of Team Azald. His Blood Game involves capturing and imprisoning people.

Character History

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  • Medal Slot: Middle of Chest
  • Blood Game: Capturing various people using his Shackle Wrecking Ball and transporting them to an unknown location via his Sink You Down Combo move.
  • Genre: Escape Game


  • Shackle Wrecking Ball (足枷鉄球 Ashikashi Tekyu): A wrecking ball Prisonable uses in combat or for catching an enemy.
  • Iron Bar Shield (テツゴウシールド Tetsu Goshirudo): A shield Prisonable uses for throwing to trap enemies or breaking a wall.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electrical Beam: Prisonable is able to fire an electrical beam from his hands.
  • Combo: Sink you down (ぶち込んでやるぜ! Buchikonde yaruse): A combo move in which Prisonable throws his Shackle Wrecking Ball to his opponent and makes them sink into the ground.

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