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Prism Ace (プリズムA(エース) Purizumu Ēsu) is an UltramanIcon-crosswiki-like hero who is the final enemy faced by the Akibarangers in Season Two. He first appears during their final confrontation against ©Na and helps them defeat her.

However, it is later revealed that he is the main hero of Unofficial Giant Prism Ace (非公認巨神プリズムA(エース) Hikōnin Kyojin Purizumu Ēsu), a show created by Toei's rival company Chigauyo Productions (チガウヨープロダクション Chigauyō Purodakushon) who made use of a spy to have Saburo Hatte relinquish the Super Sentai timeslot to their new series, with Hakase transformed as the main hero's little sister who empowers him with a crystal on her forehead.

Assisted by Saburo and ©Na, the Akibarangers confront Prism Ace by enlarging Super Akiba Red. In a disadvantage at first, Nobuo makes a comeback when he changes sides with Prism Ace, and reminding him that in all tokusatsu productions, the heroes usually unleash their finishing moves from the right side of the screen, he defeats him, returning the Super Sentai Series to normal.


Behind the Scenes


Prism Ace is voiced by Toru Furuya (古谷 徹 Furuya Tōru).


  • Prism Ace's head is very similar to that of Megaloman and Greenman, as well as Kamen Rider Fifteen's Rider helmet.
  • The company who makes Prism Ace, Chigauyo Productions, is a parody of Chaiyo Productions. Chaiyo is a Thai company infamous for a heated legal argument about Ultraman's international distribution rights with Tsuburaya Productions. This led to a long battle in court claiming they owned it (which Tsuburaya sadly lost in the trial at the Japanese Supreme Court). Despite this, Tsuburaya continues to battle the company to regain control of Ultraman, a property they rightfully own.
    • Additionally, Chigauyo stole the time slot of Super Sentai away from Toei much like Chaiyo took Ultraman away from Tsuburaya. Also, Chigauyo is a pun on chigau-yo which literally means "wrong", "false" or exclaiming some form of disagreement in Japanese depending on the context. This is fitting given what the company's name is parodying as many Japanese fans feel that Chaiyo "stole" Ultraman from them using falsified evidence in the trial.


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