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"I am Princess Shayla, and this is the Animarium."
―Princess Shayla[src]

Princess Shayla is the beautiful Princess of the Animarium, a floating landmass that is the last remnant of the lost world of Animaria. She is also the mentor to the Wild Force Power Rangers.


After the defeats of Animus and Master Org, she fell asleep for centuries. 3,000 years later, she was reawakened along with the Org spirits by the pollution caused by humans. Shayla serves as the adviser to the Rangers, and at times fills in a "damsel in distress" role, but she can, and will, defend herself if absolutely necessary. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Master's Herald

She is kind and very accepting, notably showing kindness to the evil Zen-Aku when he appeared to be in pain, despite him having kidnapped her and being a powerful enemy (though he was later proven to be Merrick Baliton under a curse), also when the Duke Org Jindrax was being hunted down by his fellow Orgs she tried to comfort him despite her being his captive and even trying to reason with Master Org while being imprisoned by him in the Nexus, but she has a strong will. She has romantic feelings for and an on-and-off relationship with Merrick, the Lunar Wolf Ranger — her former protector from 3,000 years ago — due to the fact that he refuses to let his reciprocated feelings for her show because of his guilt over what happened during the original Master Org's demise and what he feels is his duty, and he's the one who gave her golden necklace which enables her to communicate with the Rangers, to see images in its jewel and to even empower the Wild Zords, and she wore it until it was stolen by Master Org to use it in his final ceremony to empower himself.

After the Master Org of the present-day was destroyed, Shayla took back the Wild Force Ranger Powers and raised the Animarium back into the sky, until they and the Wildzords were needed to protect the Earth once more.

Behind the Scenes



Natasha Allas as Princess Shayla together with the rest of the main cast.

  • Princess Shayla was originally played by Natasha Allas, and had a completely different appearance (which can be seen in a book illustration in Click, Click, Zoom) but was recast for unknown reasons. She had already filmed for a couple of episodes before she was recast.[1]
  • Princess Shayla appeared in 38 out of 40 Wild Force episodes. She was absent only in "The Tornado Spin" and "Forever Red".


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