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Princess Multiwa (マルチーワ姫 Maruchīwa Hime, 40-48): Empress Hysteria's niece and Buldont's cousin who appeared around the same time Buldont was upgraded and returned to reclaim the throne. She aided him, by using her power to reprogram Bomber the Great and make him their slave. This later led to his destruction. The two married after Buldont became the new ruler of Baranoia, becoming Empress Multiwa. Her main weapon is a bow, which can also become a sword. She eventually died by her husband's side at the hands of King Pyramider Battle Formation's Super Legend Beam, but not before she bore him a son. Her child form, unlike Buldont, was never shown.




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  • Her name is a pun on the dog breeds "maltese" and "chihuahua, and/or possibly multi watts (a unit of power).


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