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Princess Mabushina (マブシーナ姫 Mabushīna-hime) is the Princess of Crystalia Kingdom who is the daughter of King Oradin, the niece of Galza[1] and also the younger sister of Takamichi Crystalia.

Character History

Maubshina first appeared in Mashin Sentai Kirameiger: Episode ZERO, escaping to Earth from the planet Crystalia with the five Kiramei Stones seeking to find five warriors with the Kiramentality to become Kirameigers. 


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Powers and Abilities

  • Diamond Tears: Princess Mabushina would cry blue diamond-like tears when something tragic or sorrowful happens, which can create something useful for the team to use for themselves against their enemies in battle. Mabushina would usually read sad manga stories to produce her diamond tears. Episode 2: Leader Certification

Behind the Scenes



  • Her name is derived from the Japanese phrase mabushii (眩しい), which means "dazzling" or "radiant", while "na" (ナ) is a female suffix.



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