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Princess Mabushiina (マブシーナひめ Mabushīna-hime) is the Princess of Crystalia Kingdom who is the daughter of King Oradin and Queen Mabayuine, the niece of Galza, and the adoptive younger sister of Takamichi Crystalia.

Character History

Escape to Earth

Mabushina first appeared in Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO, escaping to Earth from the planet Crystalia with the five Kiramai Stones seeking to find five warriors with the Kiramentality to become Kiramagers. 

Upon arriving to Earth, she meet Muryou Hakataminami. Hakataminami, a supervisor of CARAT, has developed the Kiramai Changers, in preparation for Yodon's invasion of the Earth. Mabushina decides to use the Kiramai Stones to search for warriors who have strong Kiramental.

With the help of the Kiramai Stones, Mabushina scouts the Esports star Tametomo Imizu, who is the number 1 player in the shooting games section, the athlete Sena Hayami, who holds Japanese records that have made her a name in national athletics competitions, the popular action star Shiguru Oshikiri, who is 5th dan in kendo, and Sayo Oharu, the genius surgeon who is a master of Aikido. However, The red warrior is still yet be found.

First Encounter with Juru

Encounter with Galza

Recovering the Kiramai Weapons

Takamichi's Return

When Takamichi, who was a lone wolf as Kiramai Silver, met Sayo, he helped the other Kiramagers beating Inseki Jamen. As he gets a crushing victory, Tametomo meets all the Kiramagers, even get a cheek kiss from Sayo for saving her, but Mabushiina comes, slaps him and asks him why he was absent during Crystalia's invasion by Yodonheim, all of that revealing that he's her brother. Takamichi explains later that he is looking for a treasure, the most important thing in his life, and doing all of this alone, as his uncle Galza taught him in the past. His egoism makes Mabushina mad, since he's not the brother she once knew when she was a kid.

After a few plot, Takamichi understands how wrong he was to still follow Galza's advices, since he's a traitor, and how egoist he was to do things alone and not talking about why he always looks for treasure. He reveals thus that the treasures he is looking are the 4 Kanaema Stones, which are needed to lift a spell on Mabushina. Her hatred for her brother finally goes away, having known that all of this behavior was for her sake.

Yodonheim Curse

Long ago, Oradin defeated one of Yodonheim's generals, Numajo. But as she gets beaten, she puts a curse on "the woman he loves the most", making both Mabayuine and Mabushina, who wasn't even born, get a curse that causes them to turn into dust within 7 days after a Yodonheim emblem appears on their right eye. However she eventually gets cured when the Aqua Kiramai Stone was awakened, since it has been neutralized by Numajo's impure venom. The Aqua Kiramai Stone was revived by the help of Juru, Tametomo and Sena, who traveled to the past to retrieve a sample of Numajo's venom and Muryou, who managed to cure this Kiramai Stone.


Mabushina can be described as playful and eager to help, showing great concern for her friends and family. As one of the youngest in the battle against Yodonheim, Mabushina is always willing to try something new, but she is still prone to moments of nativity, but nonetheless dedicated. Mabushina can be easily frustrated, but her love of her family and friends always simmers down her anger.


  • King Oradin - Father (originally deceased, later revived as Mashin Oradin)
  • Queen Mabayuine - Mother (originally deceased, later revived in her headdress stone)
  • Galza - Paternal uncle
  • Takamichi Crystalia - Adopted older brother

Powers and Abilities

  • Diamond Tears: Princess Mabushina would cry blue diamond-like tears when something tragic or sorrowful happens, which can create something useful for the team to use for themselves against their enemies in battle. Mabushina would usually read sad manga stories to produce her diamond tears. Episode 2: Leader Certification
  • Telepathy: As stated by Takamachi, he and Mabushina can reach out and speak to each other telepathically.
  • Head Butt: While intoxicated, Mabushina performed a headbutt that was strong enough to damage the CARAT base's ops table and shatter a Monstone.
  • Object Creation: Mabushina can tap into her emotional energy to create a special golf ball for the Kiramagers to use out of a Kiramai Bullet.
  • Light Generation: Mabushina can cast a flashing light that can make the crystals and diamonds sparkle.


  • Inexperience: Unlike her parents, uncle, and adoptive brother, Mabushina lacks any combat experience, usually resorting to running and hiding to stay safe.
  • Vulnerability to Curses (formerly): Mabushina is vulnerable to curses cast by Witch of the Stagnant Sea Numajo, most notably the one that could kill her in a week. This danger to her was removed by Mashin Zabyun.
  • Naivety: Mabushina can be easily duped given the right material, as seen when Galza played on her love for her father.
  • Intoxication: Mabushina can be easily intoxicated with Japanese Tea, which causes her to create chaos which she has no memory of when she's awake.

Behind the Scenes



  • Her name is derived from the Japanese phrase mabushii (眩しい), which means "dazzling" or "radiant", while "na" (ナ) is a female suffix.



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