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Princess Boma Jarmin (姫暴魔ジャーミン Hime Bōma Jāmin, 1-29): A cold and somewhat cowardly woman who uses a whip, she has a hatred of the warmth that families have, tending not to care for the love and care of others towards each other, even between brotherly Boma.Ep. 19: Clash! Demon Siblings Her hatred of love is comparable to that of Dark Boma Zimba, something that Zulten made note of.Ep. 13: Activate the Witch's Trap! When angered, her human-like appearance would slip, showing a more snake-like face.

When Lagorn begins to force his Boma generals to defeat the Turboranger or to pull a threat that is greater than that of the defiant Wandering Boma Yamimaru, Jarmin decides to go down and defeat the Turboranger on her own terms, knowing that her failure one final time would be unforgivable to the Boma emperor. Taking advantage of a moment where the Turboranger were forced to work on a new mecha due to the defeat of Turborobo during the fall of Dark Boma Zimba, she attacks the team alongside her sealed Boma partner, Kuroko Bōma, particularly targeting Daichi Yamagata due to the breakdown of his Turbo Truck during the previous battle. As Black Turbo tries to escape, Jarmin uses a Garzock craft to chase after him until Dr. Dazai catches up and helps him knock Jarmin out of the sky. Angered, Jarmin releases her full assault on the Turboranger, with Daichi personally defeating both her and Kuroko Boma with the power of his T Hammer. As she dies, Jarmin uses the last of her power to grow Kuroko Boma, which is soon defeated by the Turbo Rugger.Ep. 29: Hurry! New Model Robo


She is armed with the Demon Change Viper Whip (魔変毒蛇鞭 Mahen Dokuhebi Muchi) and she can teleport, breathe fire and also shoot electric beams from her wrists. When she is angered, she changes her human-like face to her true snake-like face. She can enlarge her monsters by spitting a fiery snake that "bites" the monster to grow him.

Behind the scenes

  • Her name probably come from Jasmine (ジャズミン), as well from Ja (蛇), which means "Snake".


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