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"Argus. Levira Our invasion went well. The humans barely put up a fight!"
―Prince Vekar's first words to Levira and Argus.[src]

"So a Power Ranger did this to my soldier? The humans can fight back! Well, I don't like that!"
―Vekar's reaction to Headridge's death at the hands of the Super Mega Rangers.[src]

"People of Planet Earth, I am Prince Vekar. Consider this your eviction notice. Luckily, I'm feeling generous. So, I will give you two options: surrender or be destroyed!"
―Vekar's ultimatum as he addresses Earth.[src]

"As if you're the only ones with this technology? With this almighty weapon, nothing can stand between me and my triumph!"
―Vekar introduces the Armada Megazord to the Rangers.[src]

"He destroyed Argus! He was my best soldier, the only one I could trust! The Rangers have gone too far this time! Fire up the Megazord. I will finish this MYSELF! Out of my way! I will destroy those Rangers on my own."
―Vekar going off the deep end after the death of Argus at the hands of Noah Carver and throwing Damaras down after he tried to stop the prince.[src]

"What goes around comes around. Be prepared to be annihilated!"
―Vekar, having lost his mind with grief, returns to finish off the Rangers in the Armada Megazord.[src]

"Impossible! No, no, no! This can't be happening! This was supposed to be my big moment, not yours!"
―Vekar's final words before his death.[src]

Prince Vekar was the leader of the Armada fleet and acted as one of the two secondary antagonists of Power Rangers Super Megaforce.


At some point before the invasion of Earth, his father, Mavro assigned Damaras as Vekar's 2nd in command alongside Vrak of his fleet. Not only that, to babysit him which Vekar grew angry of. He heard a private conversation between his father and Damaras, where Mavro called him foolish and silly, but Mavro obviously would never have said those things if he knew Vekar was listening. His abilities to prove his worth to his father was heavily hindered. At some point, Mavro had Vekar invade the planet Andresia.

After Malkor's death, Vekar has the Messenger go to Vrak's lair to inform Vrak that the Armada was approaching the planet and to confirm if the resisting forces, particularly the Rangers, have been defeated. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Messenger

After the Messenger and Metal Alice were destroyed and Vrak went into hiding, the Armada attacked Earth with a full scale invasion. While Levira mulled over not having a device to track down Vrak, Prince Vekar brushed off his death and went straight to the invasion. He sent his first commander to Earth, alongside thousands of XBorgs, telling his crew that this is to avenge his brother's supposed death.

Prince Vekar and his Generals, Damaras, Argus and Levira.

After his first commander, Headridge, was destroyed by the Rangers, he realized that Earth can fight back and immediately sent down another commander, Tentacus, who was also destroyed, holding back the full scale invasion. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Super Megaforce

On his second attempt, Vekar had missiles positioned to target all major cities of the world at once. However, he had the misfortune of having the missiles set to launch after two full hours, a fact he immediately regretted when he realized that it was more than enough time for the Rangers to defeat Cybax, his commander in charge of the operation. When Cybax was defeated, the Rangers used the Legendary Megazord to destroy all Armada ships except the Mothership which somehow got away from the attack. It is heavily implied Vekar called for reinforcements after that, but didn't get as many ships as he used to have.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Earth Fights Back

Skatana volunteers to conquer Earth for the Armada. Vekar allows him to conquer Earth. When he ran off, Vekar scolded Skatana for retreating and told him to go back to the battle field. The plan failed when Skatana got destroyed.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Blue Saber Saga

Prince Vekar finds out that Damaras is acting behind the back with his own plan which is to capture the Wild Force Red Lion Wildzord. Vekar scolded him that the Armada's mission is to rule the entire universe and that they can't be sidetracked from their plan by "searching for one puny lion". Then he had Argus alert the troops that there had been a change of plans. As a result of changing the plan to attacking random civilians, the attempt to conquer Earth failed.Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Lion's Alliance

Vekar lands on Earth to confront humans and the Rangers, alongside Argus and Matacore

Sometime later, Argus, some XBorgs, and a member of the Elite Guard tag along with Vekar so he can introduce himself to the world, but the rangers arrive, only to anger him. After being hit by Noah's Mega Blaster, he is teleported back to the ship, thanks to Levira's interference. Vekar then told Matacore to attack the Rangers again, only for him to be destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Samurai Surprise

With all of his efforts thwarted, Vekar allows a volunteer to try and take on the Rangers but he did not succeed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Spirit of the Tiger

Some time after, Vekar added Gorgax to a platoon of XBorgs and sent them down in another assault on Earth. although the XBorgs were destroyed, Gorgax was able to escape, though was later criticised by Vekar for his cowardice. Vekar then had Levira "upgrade" his collar by attaching a bomb to it, and sent him down to fight the rangers again. This plan also failed due to the appearance of the Silver Ranger.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Silver Lining, Part 1

Prince Vekar had since fallen into deep depression due to the fact that none of his plans were able to beat the rangers. Damaras noted that they may be better without him.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Silver Lining, Part 2

Moments later, Vekar regained his will to conquer Earth when he escaped his deep depression. He dubbed himself a genius when he recruited Skeltox to conquer Earth. This plan, however, failed. He said that he can't take much more of the defeats.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power of Six

When an intense storm broke out, Vekar had Damaras deploy Sirjinkor to place the Powermid Vrak has been working on in Mount Edonova. Sirjinkor took the tip of the Powermid with him while it gathers energy from the storm. When that was complete, Sirjinkor placed the tip back into the Powermid and absorbed all the powers in it. With that done, Vekar had Sirjinkor summon a planetary meteor to Earth. This plan was thwarted once more by the Megaforce Rangers.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Perfect Storm

While waiting for his tea from Invidious, his new butler, Vekar complained about how he kept on failing and told Levira to hatch a new plan to conquer Earth. However, Levira having drank a love potion wanted to be with Jake. Vekar found this disgusting. Luckily for him, the love potion wore out on her.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Love is in the Air

At some point later, Vekar catches an earthly cold. Levira says the only way he can be cured is by human happiness. She has Desolar gather human happiness in Earth as a means for a cure. Though the attempt failed, enough happiness was gathered for a cure. Tvicon.png TV STORY-United as One

Vekar decides to send two monsters in one day. One whose role is to replace all the worlds leaders with Xborgs. When the plan failed, he sent down another monster, only for it to fail.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer

When an interdimensional portal opens, Professor Cog jumps out of it. As egotistical as ever, Vekar didn't want Cog to rule Earth. As a means to get Cog out of the way, he gathered up a team to fight him. Knowing that they are outmatched, Vekar retreated. Tvicon.png TV STORY-In the Driver's Seat

Later, Emperor Mavro sends an Imperial Ship to the Armada Mothership to drop down the Armada Megazord. The royal guards presented it to Vekar as a gift from his father. He was indeed pleased and started fantasizing about his future. He stated that news about his supposed future victory will spread across the galaxy and that his father will finally see his worth.

To that end, Vekar decides to use his Megazord against the Rangers. Despite Damaras advising to reconsider his plan, Vekar snaps back at him, having grown sick of his minions doubting his abilities. He went as far as stating that his brother Vrak always hogged the glory and that today it will be his.

As he entered his Megazord, Vekar had a flashback about eavesdropping on his father about Damaras being placed as his 2nd in command, and of how his father thought of him as an empty headed blunderer, unlike Vrak. After the flashback, Argus entered the scene, and Vekar states that he is the only one he can truly rely on. Vekar asked if he is willing to join the battle, he agreed to join. Then they led an assault into the city. Having the element of surprise, Vekar used his Megazord against the Rangers, easily beating them.

Vekar partied over his accomplishment in the Armada Mothership, believing that the Rangers were destroyed and that he now has his father's favor. However, when he heard of Argus's defeat by Blue Ranger, he immediately went to his Megazord. Damaras tried to stop him to no avail. Though Vekar had the upper hand like last time, the tables turned when the Rangers gained a new combination. With the Ultimate Legendary Megazord, the Rangers destroyed Vekar's Megazord. His Megazord's explosion consumed him, resulting in his death.

Aftermath and Legacy

By nighttime, Damaras scoured the Megazord's wreckage and found Vekar's corpse. He blamed himself for the death and swore revenge on the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-All Hail Prince Vekar

Damaras takes Prince Vekar’s body, and vows revenge for his death. He might have buried the body.

At the same time, near the site, Vrak was expressing his gratefulness about Vekar's death as he starts his master plan and thanks the Rangers for having destroyed his useless brother, allowing him to become the only heir of Mavro's empire.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Vrak is Back

Vekar’s father Mavro came to the Armada, and destroyed the fleet and replaced it with his own. He greatly mourned both his sons deaths and threw Damares in prison for failing to protect his son.


"We all know that Vrak was my father's favorite! My brother always hogged the glory, but today it will be mine!"
―Vekar expressing his jealousy towards his brother Vrak and resentment towards his father Mavro[src]

Vekar is much more comical than his brother Vrak, who is pure evil and treacherous. Though intelligent and scheming like his brother, Vekar is much more impulsive, egotistical, temperamental, megalomaniacal and hypocritical, quickly dropping his cool in fits of rage when things don't go exactly how he planned as well as blaming and hitting his servants in frustration, similar to Lord Zedd's mistreatment of Goldar and, at first, his wife Rita. Like most supervillains, due to his grandiose attitude, he is prone to mistakes, such as when he orders a missile attack to launch at nightfall, giving the Rangers enough time to stop him, after which he blamed Damaras for the failure because the Rangers stopped him from his 'one' imperfect plan. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Earth Fights Back Vekar is very spoiled, obnoxious and egotistical.

As a prince, he believes no one knows better than him, and will often ignore the advice of his subjects. He always forgets the names of his Field Commanders, and mispronounces their names. He is also very vain, narcissistic, and selfish, not liking to participate in battle, for fear of his face being damaged or being physically harmed. These features are a sharp contrast to his self-controlled, respectful and well-mannered predecessor, Admiral Malkor. Like his brother Vrak, he is obsessed with proving himself to his father, Mavro, hinting that the two brothers have a sibling rivalry. Due to Mavro favoring Vrak over him, Vekar desperately wants to prove himself as a worthy heir to the Armada. He also hates that Damaras is taller than him and how he disagrees with him all the time. Despite Vekar believing Mavro favours Vrak, as Vrak is pure evil and cares for nobody, Vrak was not to his father’s liking either. Mavro may have not totally had a favourite child, and at times preferred Vekar for mourning his loved ones who are destroyed, like his favourite servant, his bodyguard Argus. And possibly his mother, who is never mentioned in the show, but is presumably deceased. While Vrak doesn’t even care for his father, and would only want to be in his favour so he won’t not be able to inherit the throne.

Despite his outward demeanor, Vekar is still less heartless than Vrak. This is shown when he forms genuine connections with Argus and Levira to the point of being unreasonable after the former's death. It is hinted that Vekar holds some sort of affection for Levira. Vekar holds Argus to a very high regard due to the fact Argus is the one who respects Vekar the most out of anyone in the Armada. Vekar was even saddened of Argus's death and sought to avenge him. Additionally, Vekar appears to value the lives of his family despite the fact they seem to see him as worthless. This is shown when Vekar was saddened over Vrak's alleged demise at the hands of the Rangers despite their sibling rivalry. It is implied Vekar would be saddened over his father's death should he had been alive.


The Royal family, from left to right; Emperor Mavro, Prince Vekar and Vrak.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Armada Megazord: This is Vekar's personal Megazord which which was bestowed upon Vekar by his father. It also bears some sort of resemblance to Vekar. The power of the Armada Megazord is second only to that of the Armada Mothership.

Behind the Scenes


  • Stephen Butterworth's character portrayal in the first episode of Super Megaforce was originally a calm, collected, and capable villain. In the subsequent episodes, he has become an impulsive, griping, rage-fueled, incompetent, vain, overtly arrogant and narcissistic villain, making him more like his Gokaiger counterpart Warz Gill.
  • In the video game adaption, Prince Vekar is voiced by Sam Riegel.


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  • Vekar is an anagram of "Vrak" with an "e" added to differentiate them.


  • In the ending credits of the Messenger, Prince Vekar is simply credited as "Prince".
  • Prince Vekar's voice in episode 1 of Super Megaforce is portrayed different from his voice in later episodes despite still being voiced by Stephen Butterworth.
  • Although Vekar is jealous of Vrak due to his father favoring Vrak, Vekar is willing to avenge Vrak's destruction. This is shown when Vekar was saddened over Vrak's supposed demise at the hands of the Rangers.
  • Though Emperor Marvo is his father, it is unknown who Vekar and Vrak's mother is. This makes both him and Vrak similar to Trakeena, Rita Repulsa, Rito Revolto, and Nadira as all of their mothers were never revealed in the series itself.


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