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"We got ‘em by the ears, huh Dad?"
―Prince Sprocket[src]

"I did it, I did it. My brother's finally gone. A tisket, a tasket! No more brother Gasket!"
―Prince Sprocket, thinking that his brother, Prince Gasket, was destroyed[src]

Prince Sprocket was the younger son of King Mondo and Queen Machina.


He was spoiled by his parents and liked to play, often with the Rangers. Sprocket also had a jealous and devious side, once trying to get his older brother Prince Gasket destroyed by the Power Rangers. A running gag is that whenever Klank and/or Orbus tried to suggest a plan, Sprocket would interrupt them and take credit for it. Any attempt on their part to insist the plan was their own thought would be shot down by Mondo when ordering their silence. When the plan later failed Sprocket would renounce ownership by blaming it on Klank.  He was blown up by Lord Zedd at the end of Power Rangers Zeo, his head still functioning.

He was somehow rebuilt, and appeared preparing to fight for Dark Specter in Countdown to Destruction. Surprisingly he was not seen when Zordon's wave hit and turned his parents to sand. Sprocket was likely elsewhere in the care of Klank and Orbus, either attacking somewhere else or being in safety. He was presumably turned to sand by Zordon's Energy Wave.


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  • Sprocket was the first child-like villain of Power Rangers, followed by Impus and Mora. Though unlike them, Sprocket wasn't transformed into an adult, while Impus and Mora became Prince Olympius and Morgana respectively. However, Sprocket's Sentai counterpart, Prince Buldont, becomes Kaiser Buldont, which is the Sentai counterpart of Prince Gasket.
  • If one looks closely at Prince Sprocket's face, they can see molded-in freckles.
  • Sprocket celebrated his birthday in Song Sung Yellow.
  • Sprocket is voiced by Barbara Goodson with her voice for Pee-Wee from G-Force: Guardians of Space. She also voiced Orbus and Somnibot in Zeo as well.


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