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"Looking for this?"
―The Primator's first words (as Not Billy) after catching Dylan's ball once Alpha overshot the kick.[src]

"Prepare to meet your doom! I am Primator."
―The Primator when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

"Wa ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!"
―The Primator upon being enlarged.[src]

"Uh oh!"
―The Primator after the Dragonzord smashed his lance and his final words before his destruction.[src]

The Primator was a white baboon/ape monster who was the main antagonist of the episode "The Wanna-Be Ranger".



Lord Zedd created the Primator after he realized that Zordon was going offline temporarily due to a galactic imbalance caused by the linear alignment of the planet’s in the solar system and the Primator could confuse and destroy the Power Rangers from within. The Primator was created from Zack's white gorilla suit and could transform into the in both their morphed forms and as normal teenagers, allowing him to blend in with them for as long as he wanted. Zedd sent Primator to infiltrate the Command Center so he turned into Billy. He then found Alpha 5 playing with a child he was "rescuing" named Dylan and caught their soccer ball in the middle of the game. The Primator nearly tricked him into giving him access to the Command Center by belittling him about leaving the Command Center but he reflected in Alpha's helmet and returned to his real form. The Primator then tried to take Dylan hostage but he stomped on the Primator's foot and fled. Alpha then activated his self-destruct so the Primator teleported away to avoid getting blown up by it. A short while later, he went to the Juice Bar and took the form of Zack and tricked the girls into thinking Tommy was in danger so that they could be ambushed by the Putty Patrol although they easily decimated the horde.

Later still, Zordon returned from hibernation but the Primator had since returned to Angel Grove and attacked the city. Despite Alpha's imminent demise, Zordon sent the Rangers to stop him since he was threatening to destroy the city but he somehow managed to turn into Trini as they did their roll call. The two Trinis tried to get the others to attack the other but they wouldn't risk hurting their friend so Jason decided to prove who they were by having them fight him and discerning who was using Trini's fighting style. Realizing that he was calling their bluff, the Trini on the left refused to fight and thus revealed she was the real Trini. However, the Primator was bullheaded and jumped at Jason with a duplicate Blade Blaster only to get shot down by the actual Blade Blasters which forced him to revert back to his true form. However, the Primator pulled out a double ended lance which cut down Billy and allowed him to twirl Zack and Tommy to the ground. However, when Kimberly fought him, Jason was able to draw his Power Sword out and fought the Primator before cleaving his lance in two straight down the middle. However, he charged and then rammed them to the ground before mockingly showing his behind and running off. Zack then tackled him off the sea wall only for the Primator to tackle him off the side of the cliff and change into him as well. This time, he pretended to be harmed and had the Rangers surround him only to reveal that was the fake and overwhelm the lot of them. Zack returned and the Primator went into a montage where he became Billy, Zack, Trini and Kimberly's Ranger forms, back-flipping as Pink before becoming the Red Ranger. He and Jason did battle but he overwhelmed Jason and tried to get the Rangers to attack their real teammate but they weren't falling for it. Unfazed, the Primator blasted the team down which forced them to retreat to the Command Center.

Luckily, with Zordon's help, the Power Rangers figured out that having Primator see himself in reflective surfaces would revert him back to his true form by reviewing the footage of the Primator confronting Alpha from earlier. They teleported back to the quayside but, for reasons never explained, were separated from one another. The Primator ran up, posing as Tommy before telling them that he had was losing his powers again. However, they realised who he really was and Jason kicked him down since he had realised that Tommy would never give up. Billy then managed to defeat the Primator by giving him a mirror whilst he was in his Green Ranger form, causing a weird Red-Green hybrid. With the Primator's shapeshifting powers now pretty much useless. he tried to flee but the other three Rangers cut him off only for the Primator to blast them all down. In spite of this, the Rangers recovered and took him down with a multitude of punches and kicks, Kimberly and Trini landing the final hit with a jump kick. Since they were about to form the Power Blaster and finish him off, Lord Zedd threw a Growth Bomb which enlarged the Primator, now gaining a giant version of his spear. The Rangers then summoned the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord, the former posing off-screen whilst the latter personally fought the Dragonzord. He managed to knock it back with a stab to the chest but it managed to snap his spear in two with it's tail. Enraged, he blasted the two but the Megazord just walked straight through it. It then destroyed the Primator with the Thunder Saber, screaming as he fell flat on his face and exploded. This appeared to be part of a surprise attack because the monster was tougher than it appeared to be initially, overwhelming the Dragonzord with ease. With this in mind, they may not have given them the time to power up the Thunder Saber otherwise. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wanna-Be Ranger

The Primator was later resurrected due to being one of Zedd's favorite monsters in the graveyard of Doomstone. He briefly fought with Tommy, (who had became the White Ranger since he had last encountered the Rangers) Billy and Kimberly but, after being kicked to the ground by Kimberly, he did not get back up to fight. It was probably due to this incompetence that he was passed over for another enlarging and the Pumpkin Rapper was enlarged instead. He likely remains in the Hunted Forest to this day since he hasn't been seen in the television series since. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Zedd's Monster Mash

In Other Media

Lord Zedd's Holiday Humbug

However, the Primator did appear one last time in an audiobook adaptation of the infamous "Alpha's Magical Christmas." While the Rangers were away at the North Pole, Lord Zedd recreated Primator to impersonate them, again deceiving the populace of Angel Grove. Using his shapeshifting ability, he stole the children's Christmas presents across the city, framing the Rangers. Interestingly, Alpha does not remark that he remembers Primator at any point as a minor plothole.

When the Rangers arrived back in Angel Grove, he utilized his tactics to confuse the Rangers until Tommy tricked him into reverting to his true form. Seeing the Rangers' return, a shocked and furious Zedd sent down a beam of his powerful magic rather than his grenades like in the show, forcing him to grow. The Rangers summoned the Red Dragon Thunderzord, Thunderzord Assault Team, and White Tigerzord but he blasted all six down. forcing the Rangers to use the Mega Tigerzord to defeat him once and for all.


The Primator was a cunning, sneaky and unpredictable monster who cunningly used his ability to shapeshift as he tried to trick Alpha into giving him access to the Command Center and later when he battled the Rangers. He was also arrogant, tough and confident but his utter stupidity was his true weakness since it was ultimately his undoing, willingly looking into a mirror which he knew was his other major weakness. After being enlarged, he seemed to go completely insane because almost every line that he spoke when giant was a megalomaniacal laugh but he remained very faithful to Lord Zedd.

Behind the Scenes




  • Powers and Abilities
  • Strength: The Primator was able to throw down each Ranger and even overwhelm the Dragonzord with ease.
  • Teleportation: The Primator could teleport to any location at will.
  • Shapeshifting: The Primator could change into any person or Ranger that he chooses at will by pounding his chest and changing him with a grey energy swirl. The only way to undo this was by making him look at himself in a mirror or reflective surface.
    • Voice Modification: The Primator could transform his voice into that of a Ranger he is copying as he sees fit.
  • Lightning Bolts: When surrounded, the Primator could pound his chest and extend his arms out sideways, blasting blue lightning bolts from around himself that can take down all six Rangers.
  • Helmet Blast: The Primator projected an energy blast from his helmet on the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord but had no effect on the former. However, it was able to stop the Dragonzord in the midst of it's advance on him.


  • Spears: The Primator wielded a pair of large javelin-like spears that he could use in combat.
  • Claws: Even when his spear was destroyed at small size, the Primator was able to very effectively use his bare hands to overwhelm the Power Rangers.
  • Blade Blaster: When he tried to destroy Jason after being outed as the false Trini, he produced a duplicate of the Rangers' Blade Blasters. It was only seen in blade mode and he lost it after being shot down.

Red Ranger

Powers and abilities

  • Explosive Eye Beams: As the Red Ranger, the Primator could fire a pair of white-yellow energy beams from the eyes atop his helmet that was powerful enough to down all six Rangers.

Black Ranger

Blue Ranger

Yellow Ranger

Pink Ranger

Green Ranger


White Ranger

In Lord Zedd's Holiday Humbug only.


  • Reflections: The Primator's duplication abilities have a critical weakness where any reflective surface will reveal his true appearance. This reflective surface could be anything from Alpha's reflective visor to an ordinary mirror. Continuous exposure to his own appearance (such as through a handheld mirror) would cause his appearance to heavily distort and combine different appearances (as seen with his Red-Green hybrid Ranger form)as well as basically destroy his duplication ability useless.


  • Primator comes from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
    • Primator was originally intended to have been destroyed by the Dino Ultrazord as indicated by the superimposed explosion that played over his face.
  • Recently released Zyu2 footage shows the monster disguised as Jason with the other Rangers after Jason fights him (cut due to not wanting to repeat what they had already done with Trini), the Rangers posing before the second on ground battle (cut due to being completely unnecessary), Jason and Tommy blasting the monster with the Power Sword & Dragon Dagger respectively (cut to tone down the violence due to complaints from parents) and the Dino Megazord fighting alongside the Dragonzord against Primator (cut down or outright cut out to remove the former).
  • The Primator's Red-Green Ranger hybrid has a similar appearance to Gokai Christmas eighteen years later since that was a fusion between Captain Marvelous and Don Dogoier.
  • Oddly, despite being spelt "prim-a-tore" in the credits, the Primator's name was pronounced as "prime-a-taur."
  • The Primator costume was later modified and used for the Snow Monster in "Storybook Rangers." To hide the reuse, they colored it completely white and grey as well as adding a beard and a full head of hair whilst also removing his helmet.


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