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Pretty-Girl Ninja Furabijenu (美少女忍者フラビジェンヌ Bishōjoninja Furabijennu, 30) is a bee-themed robot that Furabijo created and is identical to her in every way, except she is 300 times more powerful. She actually defeated the Gouraigers and Shurikenger single-handly until she was called back to re-charge her batteries, returning to fight at full-power by the end of the week. Upset by this fact, and impressed with the robot, the other Lancers kick Furaibijo out for the better robotic version. She intended to overthrow the Jakanja when their guard was down and become the new leader. Once fully charged she returns to Earth only to find her creator was standing up to her and planned to plant the remote control on her. Furaibijenu was scrapped by an enraged Hurricane Blue only for a Copy Giant to recreate her. With her creation destroyed by Senpuujin, using Pitashito Hitode, Furabiijo returned to her place in the Jakanja.


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