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President Gynamo (総長ガイナモ Sōchō Gainamo) is the leader of Space Bosozoku Bowzock.


Gynamo begins his Earth domination plan merely from Zonnette having a desire to see it blown up like a firework, which unknowingly allows for Hazardian Dappu to find the Carranger in the first place. Among his powers include the ability to make vehicles sentient, which is one of the main means he is able to allow for the Bowzock to conquer many worlds through its mode of transportation.

Ultimately, it is revealed that Gynamo merely began his destruction of planets because of a fortune he received from a fortune-teller Suzogue which tells him he will have luck by destroying them, not knowing he was being manipulated by Exhaus to blow up planets for his Universal Highway Project. After the Carranger are taken down, Exhaus decides to "throw away" Gynamo and the Bowzock with the rest of the garbage in using the Baribarian to blow up Earth, only to have it stopped by Signalman allowing for him and the others to escape. Gynamo, however, had the last laugh, by using out-of-date imo-youkan from Imochou to shrink down Exhaus, allowing the Carranger to finally finish him off. (he unexpectedly discovered the weakness when he tried to grow using the imo-youkan earlier)

At the end of the series, he returned to be a waiter at the yakiniku restaurant he worked at while Instructor Ritchihiker took over the Bowzock.

Gekisou Sentai Carranger: Zenkai! Racer Senshi

President Gynamo appears as the boss of the video game Gekisou Sentai Carranger: Zenkai! Racer Senshi. The RV Mechas have been dismantled and their parts scattered all around, so it is up to the Carrangers to collect all the parts required to rebuild them, all the while fighting the Bowzock gang. The parts appear in the form of cogs and gears, and can only be obtained by striking various objects and killing off Wumpers along the way, among other forms (finding and getting an engine, for example, will give off ten parts). Each Mecha requires 50 parts to be rebuilt.

There are two possible endings depending on whether or not all five mecha were rebuilt. If they are, then the "good" ending is triggered. After Gynamo grows huge, RV Robo is formed and proceeds to battle Gynamo in the middle of the city. RV Robo than defeats Gynamo once and for all. If not, the "bad" ending will be triggered instead, where the Carranger are unable to form RV Robo. With no one to stop him, the Bowzock destroy Earth.


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  • His name is derived from "dynamo".



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