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Prepare To Fail is the thirteenth episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. It marks the debut of the Superstar Blade, General Tynamon, and Brax.


Sarah and the team overconfidence puts them all at risk.


Two monsters by the names of General Tynamon and Brax arrive on Madame Odius's ship. Badonna, in particular, shows interest in Brax and asks him if he received her love letters. She blackmails Tynamon into letting her "get to know" Brax, otherwise, she will spill his "little" secret.

At school, the rangers are receiving their grades for a test they have previously taken. Sarah reveals that she earned a perfect A on her exam. Meanwhile, obviously, Victor and Monty received Fs on their tests, despite having sent the teacher a box of chocolates and some flowers. She tells the whole class that the test they're taking the day after will be much harder than the one they had just finished.

Sarah becomes overconfident that she will do well on the test and decides to slack off. Meanwhile, the Rangers are alerted; Brax shows up and fights the Rangers. However, the Rangers easily overpower Brax. Back at the lair, the Rangers brag about how weak Brax is and how fighting him later will be very easy. Sarah boasts on how she doesn't need to study for her test while the others go prepare. Back at the Warrior Dome, Brax reveals to Cosmo and the audience that it was part of Tynamon's plan all along: letting the Rangers overpower him on this fight so they will lower their guard the next time he shows up.

The next day comes and it is revealed that Victor and Monty ate tons of beans so that they fart; the smell would be enough for the teacher to postpone the test. When everyone receives the test, Victor and Monty begin passing gas, but the teacher reveals she brought gas masks for herself and everyone else in the class, knowing that the duo would do something like this. Ironically, they run out of gas masks as soon as it is Victor and Monty's turn to grab theirs. They quickly finish their test and burst out the door. They are ordered to fix it immediately.

Time passes and everyone receives their graded tests. Everyone got a good grade, except obviously for Sarah, who got an F. She attempts to blame the teacher, but she reminds Sarah that it is her fault that she didn't prepare for it.

Brax shows up again and the Rangers are overconfident that they defeat Brax. But he easily manages to give them a devastating defeat. Back at the base, Sarah realizes that Brax was only acting weak last time and so she and everyone else slacked off. She immediately begins work on the new Super Blaze Zord Star, while everyone else trains.

Time passes and Brax shows up again. The Rangers also show up, this time prepared. Although Brax still deals heavy damage on them, the Rangers managed to barely defeat him. Cosmo prepares to send down some Skullgators but Badonna Gigantifies Brax against the audience's consent. The Rangers form the Ninja Steel Megazord and Ninja Blaze Megazord. Brax begins getting defeated, so out pure desperation, she summons 4 Skullgators while Brax retreats to the Warrior Dome. The Rangers defeat the Skullgators.

Sarah apologizes to her teacher for blaming her for the failed grade and reveals she has been studying. In response, the teacher allows her to retake the exam for another grade. Meanwhile, Victor and Monty finish repairing the door. But Monty eats more beans and farts; his fart is so powerful that it destroys the door again.


Ninja Power Stars

  • Ninja Steel Red - Red Ninja (Whip Lash), Red Ninja (Steel Slash) (x2), Robo Red Zord, Falcon Zord, Ninja Super Steel Mode, Rumble Tusk Zord, Astro Zord, Sub Surfer Zord
  • Ninja Steel Blue - Blue Ninja (Whip Lash) (x2), Blue Ninja (Steel Slash), Dragon Zord, Serpent Zord, Ninja Super Steel Mode
  • Ninja Steel Yellow - Yellow Ninja (Whip Lash) (x2), Yellow Ninja (Steel Slash), Nitro Zord, Tortoise Zord, Ninja Super Steel Mode
  • Ninja Steel White - White Ninja (Whip Lash) (x2), White Ninja (Steel Slash), Kodiak Zord, Tiger Zord, Ninja Super Steel Mode
  • Ninja Steel Pink - Pink Ninja (Whip Lash) (x2), Zoom Zord (x2), Lion Fire (Super Star Blade), Panda Zord, Ninja Super Steel Mode
  • Ninja Steel Gold - Storm (Tornado Slash), Storm (Steel Slash), Piranha Zord, Ninja Super Steel Mode


  • When Badonna sends down the four Skullgators, she presses the blue button, which grows monsters, instead of the red button on Cosmo's stage console.
  • Three of the lids on Preston's Data Com were open while one of them was still closed after Badonna, Tynamon, and a few Upgraded Basherbots appeared to introduce Brax. In the shot after they were returning to the Warrior Dome, it happened the opposite way where three of the lids were closed and one of them was open.
  • After the Rangers retreated, the footage of Brax was flipped left to right.
  • Both, the Ninja Steel Megazord and the Ninja Blaze Megazord cockpits only had three podiums. Normally, even in absence, the corresponding podium would still be there.
  • For some reason there is no audio of the stage when it reached Gigantify.
  • When finishing off the Skullgators the Samurai theme suddenly plays.


  • The plot where the Rangers get overconfident and almost lose is similar to the three-part episode Dark Wish from Power Rangers Mystic Force.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Upgraded Basherbots by Badonna.
  • This episode marks the return of the Skullgators since Ninja Steel's The Royal Rival and the first appearance of the Rumble Tusk Zord since The Adventures of Redbot.
    • This is also the final appearance of the Rumble Tusk, Astro, and Sub Surfer Ninja Steel Megazords although the Zords would make a few more appearances after this.
      • Additionally, this episode is one of only two appearances made by the Skullgators in this season and their only appearance in battle.
  • This marks the second time Badonna uses the Gigantify Ray and also the first time that she sent out the Skullgators.

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