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"What are they doing?"
―Praxis after seeing the Rangers forming a Megazord[src]
Praxis in Card
Praxis robot

Praxis is a walking blue diamond themed bee like alien. He is the first alien monster who fought the B-Squad Rangers and serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Confronted".


Praxis was the first of Mora 's drawings to cone to life in order to assist Emperor Gruumm . He was sent with a giant robot to destroy New Tech City and overwhelmed the Delta Runners but fled when his robot was destroyed by the Delta Squad Megazord. He was confronted by the Rangers and tried to battle but failled and was defeated by Jack with his Delta Blaster Combo Mode and contained by the his Delta Morpher.

Powers and abilities

  • Durability-Praxis can take a lot of of strong hits without being taken down. Having parts of his robot's cockpit explode in his face only made him yell in pain. When confronted by the Rangers, he was shot multiple times by the Delta Blasters without being harmed and easily took a spinning blow from Sky's Deltamax Striker in sword mode with barely any reaction.  A big leaping slash from Bridge's Deltamax Striker did nothing and muiltiple slashes from the girl's Deltamax Strikers had the same outcome. Even the Delta Blasters in Combo Mode only sent him flying to the ground.
  • Expert Zord Pilot-Praxis was extremly proficient with pi,loting the Mega Drill to the poiont of almost defeating the Delta Runners.


  • Blaster-When he fought the Rangers, Praxis generated a blaster to aid him in combat.
    • Blue Energy-Praxis can fire blue energy from his blaster. This was powerful enough to cause small explosions behind the Rangers but failed to stop them.

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