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The Praetor was a self-exiled Morphin Master who lead the Crimson Raiders, he seeks a powerful source of energy called the Solarix to obtain "vortex energy". He serves as the main antagonist of the Beyond the Grid story arc.

Character History

As one of the Morphin Masters, the Praetor was among one of the most powerful beings in the history of the multiverse, being capable of shaping and using the Morphin Grid in almost any conceivable way. When it was discovered that one of the universes in existence contained an entire planet made up of Zeo Crystal, this Morphin Master agreed to the plan of severing this universe from the Grid and therefore the rest of the multiverse until the crystal could be otherwise pacified. He took with him a team of Rangers to this universe, and initially sought to preserve it until it could be rejoined with every other reality in existence. However, the toll of the endless year began to wear down on the Praetor, who in time felt that the beings of the universe did not appreciate what he considered to be his sacrifice for them by isolating himself in a cosmos that slowly began to die. He became nihilistic to the point of of homicidal, killing off his Rangers in what he considered to be an act of mercy. 


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Behind the Scenes

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