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In the rewritten world of Akibaranger, Luna's mentioning of Super Sentai originating in America became a reality, and Super Sentai's history changed. Super Sentai became Powerful Rangers, and as such, the Sentai seasons from Gorenger to Timeranger did not exist. The 8th season of Powerful Rangers, Wild Force, became Gaoranger, the first adapted Powerful Rangers' show. Eventually, the Akibarangers refuse to forget about Super Sentai while fighting two Powerful Rangers, the Red and Green Rangers, who are then reformed into the Zyurangers, and the history of Super Sentai returned.

Powerful Rangers

Red Powerful Ranger Yamato Tribe Prince Geki
Green Powerful Ranger Yamato Tribe Knight Burai




  • The name is a play-off of Super Sentai's American counterpart Power Rangers.
  • Coincidentally, the altered background of Powerful Rangers are exactly similar to the misconception of Super Sentai/Power Rangers in Vietnam and United States. Power Rangers were commonly thought by non-fan viewers to be an original show, and Gaoranger, the first Sentai show released in Vietnam, was thought to be the first attempt of Japan to mimic Power Rangers. Similarly, in the United States, most non-fans and some fans of Power Rangers are often unaware Super Sentai and Kamen Rider exist in the first place and upon discovering they exist, think they're knockoffs of Power Rangers.

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