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"So you want me to clear out these 'Goseiger' fellows for you, eh?"
―Powerddark of the Muutation's first words in the very first scene of the episode after Brajira told him what he had to do.[src]

"I've been hoping you'd come, Goseiger! It took you long enough. Come and get me."
―Powerddark when confronting the Goseigers.[src]

"Have you forgotten me already?!"
―Powerddark when attacking the Goseigers alongside Brajira and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"You'll all pay for this!"
―Powerddark when enlarged.[src]

"This isn't over! What?!"
―Powerddark reacting to Mystic Gosei Great's finisher and his final words before his death.[src]

Powereddark of the Mutation (変わり種のパワードダーク Kawaridane no Pawādodāku) is a Hognlo Alien (ホグンロ星人 Hogunro Seijin) working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

Character History

Powereddark was brought forth by Brajira in hopes of impressing Mons Drake after the death of Dereputa. When sent down, the Warstar Insect easily defeated the Goseiger with its Power Seeds copying all of their moves, only to become surprised and shocked when Gosei Red reveals he has the ability of Comprethunder, which he can't match and is easily shocked by the Goseiger with forcing him to escape. After devising a Power Seed to match Comprethunder, Powereddark returns to Earth just as Eri completed her own Comprethunder training. While able to deflect Eri's new move, the determination of her and Alata empowers Comprethunder and allows for both to use the power simultaneously and strike. However with the withstanding of the Comprethunder assault and a need for power while being assaulted relentlessly by Buredoran, Alata unexpectedly awakens a new power: the Mystic Brothers. Summoning it, the ostrich-like creature throws away Buredoran and kicks its egg at Powereddark destroying it easily.

After Buredoran grows the Warstar Insect, Gosei Great merges with the Mystic Brothers to form Mystic Gosei Great and easily defeats Powereddark with the Mystic Strike.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Power Seeds (パワーシード Pawā Shīdo): A special seed devised by Buredoran which gives Powereddark the ability to copy and utilize any Gosei Power used against him as long as it has the seed to match the power (generally by Goseiger color; though it gains a golden seed to match Comprethunder).
  • Skick Sword: he uses it as his main offensive weapon in combat after copying Alata's Skick Sword.

Behind the Scenes



  • Powerddark is modeled after a longhorn beetle.

Concept Art


  • Powereddark's name is from the film Howard the Duck (ハワード・ザ・ダック/暗黒魔王の陰謀 Hawādo za Dakku/Ankoku Maō no Inbō, Japanese title translated: "Howard the Duck and the Conspiracy of the Dark Overlord").
  • His home planet, "Hognlo" (ホグンロ) is "longhorn" (ロングホーン) backwards and stripped of both the elongation and one of the "n" kanas.



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