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"Power Disk, locked and dropped."
―The typical phrase used when summoning Power Spheres.[src]

The Power Spheres are special spheres in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


When a Power Sphere is activated, it can bring out weapon that can be used by the Storm Megazord, the Thunder Megazord, and the Samurai Star Megazord.


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List of Power Spheres

Power Sphere 01: Serpent Sword

Power Sphere 01: The Serpent Sword is a dragon-themed sword that can be used by the Storm Megazord although it was also used by the Thunder Megazord.

Its finishing move, which is also the main finishing move of the Storm Megazord, was the Triple Strike. This is where the Rangers would it summon the Serpent Sword and then splits into three copies of itself, one for each Rangers. They would then charge up the blade tip with yellow energy and slash downwards, reducing the enemy into energy which would then dissipate (with the exception of Mad Magnet who fell over backwards and exploded). 

Power Sphere Combo 01: Flail Combo

A combination of the Ram Hammer and Turtle Mace to form a flail weapon. Its finisher involves bouncing the Turtle Mace on the Ram Hammer before batting it into the monster to fatally impale them through the gut.

Power Sphere 02: Ram Hammer

Power Sphere 02: The Ram Hammer is a ram/bighorn sheep-themed hammer that can be used by the Storm Megazord and can combine with the Turtle Mace to make the flail combo.

Its finishing attack involves charging it up with blue energy, smashing the enemy multiple times with it, and then flinging it to send the top of the weapon soaring towards the enemy to fatally crush them into the ground.

Power Sphere 03: Turtle Mace

Power Sphere 03: The Turtle Mace is a turtle-themed mace that can be used by the Storm Megazord and can combine with the Ram Hammer to make the flail combo. Its finisher involves charging it up with blue energy, swinging it around in front of it, and then throwing it forth to stab into the monster's chest. The only time that this finisher was used was to kill Snipster.

Power Sphere 04: Spin Blade

Power Sphere 04: The Spin Blade is a flower-themed axe that can be used by the Thunder Megazord. It could also combine with the claw from the Megazord's chest.

Its finisher involves charging it up with golden energy and unleashing a devastating energy slash shaped like a pinwheel to cut into the monster.

Power Sphere Combo 02: Turbine Combo

NSH-Senpuujin Gatling Attacker.png

A combination of the Lion Laser and Squid Drill to form a drilling turbine weapon. Its finisher is a very powerful combination tornado blast and bullet salvo powerful enough to destroy the first Zurganezord with a single blast.

Power Sphere 05: Lion Laser

Power Sphere 05: The Lion Laser is a white lion-themed rotating laser that can be used by the Storm Megazord and can combine with the Squid Drill to make the turbine combo.  Its finisher is a massive barrage of yellow bullets from its mane which destroyed "Magic Moustache".

Power Sphere 06: Squid Drill

Power Sphere 06: The Squid Drill is a squid-themed drill that can be used by the Storm Megazord and can combine with the Lion Laser to make the turbine combo.

Had the footage from Hurricaneger been used, its finisher would have involved attaching itself to the Storm Megazord's knee for a piercing dash attack. It is the only Power Sphere not named onscreen, having been given its name in the toyline.

Power Spheres 07 & 08: Minizord

Main article: Minizord

Power Spheres 07 & 08: The Minizord is a small humanoid Zord that enables the Storm Megazord to combine with the Thunder Megazord to form the Thunderstorm Megazord.

Power Sphere 09: Ninja Scarf

Power Sphere 09: The Ninja Scarf can be a shield, offensive weapon, or cloaking device. With it, the Storm Megazord can supposedly block fire but was only used once since it proved useless against Madtropolis' flames so was never used again.

Power Sphere 10: Bee Spinner

Power Sphere 10: The Bee Spinner is a bee-themed sling weapon (resembling a spinning top and a yo-yo) that can be used by the the Samurai Star Megazord.

Its finisher involves reeling it back and then flinging it forth with the string to devastatingly slice into the monster.

Power Sphere 11: Sting Blaster

Power Sphere 11: The Sting Blaster is a horseshoe crab-themed weapon serving as both a spear and blaster that can be used by the Thunder Megazord.

It allows to Thunder Megazord to unleash a rush attack where it slashes the monster multiple times with the Sting Blaster. Its finisher charges up and unleashes a devastating energy beam from the tip to impale the monster before lifting them into the air where they explode. This only destroyed DJ Drummond.

Power Sphere 12: Spider Catcher

Power Sphere 12: The Spider Catcher is a spider-themed grappling hook that can be used by the Samurai Star Megazord.

Power Sphere 13: Super Stamp

Power Sphere 13: The Super Stamp is the only Power Sphere that is the sphere itself. It Leaves destructive imprints on opponents strong enough to rip open Slob Goblin's torso and make him release the stamps that were once people. Due to its extremely situational use, it was only used once.

Power Sphere 14: Star Blazer

Power Sphere 14: The Star Blazer is a red, spiked, starfish-themed shuriken that can be used by the Storm Megazord.

Its finisher involves affixing it to the Storm Megazord's knee and dive bombing the monster, impaling them with it.

Power Spheres 15-17: Ninja Firebird

Power Spheres 15-17: The Ninja Firebird is a firebird that enables the Storm, Thunder and Samurai Star Megazords to combine into the Hurricane Megazord.

Hyper Sword

The Hyper Zurganezord had a Power Sphere called the Hyper Sword.



  • Power Spheres 9, and 12-14 never had American toy counterparts.
  • In Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger, the Ninja Firebird was patterned after a condor.

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